Friday, October 23, 2009

Review: Barbie Loves Stila Collection Smudge Pot in Cobalt Blue

Ever since Barbie Cosmetics have been launched in Asia by Mattel, Stila has been silent on their release of Barbie Loves Stila collection (the one with the 12-color palette, not the collection with Barbie metal tins, if you know what I'm talking about lol). They even changed the Barbie collection into this type of packaging:

With no sign of Barbie appearing, but the shades are the same color. They name it differently though: the blue smudge pot should be called "Cobalt Clutch" and the purple one should be "Purple Pumps". But due to copyright issues of Barbie Cosmetics counter, I think Stila cannot show their makeup with any sign of Barbie on the cover or in the product names (even the paper boxes that come with these smudge pots). I was disappointed because all I wanted was the blue-eyelined Barbie on the lid of the smudge pot and now they don't sell it here! But then I thought, it would be quite ridiculous to have someone CP them for me from the US just because I need the Barbie packaging! The result? I got these smudge pots from our local counter and asked someone to CP the Barbie original palette for me in Canada.

So back to the topic, the blue smudge pot is renamed Electric Blue here and the purple one is named Ultraviolet (boringggg names). I didn't notice what the new name for Little Black Dress is, but I'm sure it won't be anything witty.

Yet I'd love to say that I am in love with this electric blue liner now and have gotten compliments each time I wear it (seriously)!

I am also addicted to blue mascaras lately!! Sadly the Benefit one is quite pricey, I was looking to Shiseido Maquillage but they don't have electric blue colored mascara, they have metallic navy blue (-_-)'' Oh well...

I have also worn MAC DSquared Sculpt & Shape in this photo, but I'll save it for another full-face review later.

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  1. Wow the blue eyeliner really makes your eyes pop, thanks for sharing these cool pictures. If you like colored mascara... Clarins has a really really super pretty teal one! I think it's expensive too though, sorry. :(

  2. hey! thanks for the suggestion though! I didn't know Clarins have colored mascara :D :D :D Apart from the Shiseido Mascara base, which mascara do you use as well?? :)


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