Sunday, January 10, 2010

Review: Maybelline Angelfit Flawless Affinity Foundation

Hi all! It has been quite a while since my last review, today I am bringing you the review of a recent find: Maybelline Angelfit Flawless Affinity Foundation (oh what a name!). I bought it literally 2 days before I left to Denmark. It is retailed at $129 HKD, which is equivalent to $16.7 USD, yes it is on the pricey side, especially Maybelline is a drugstore brand! The Angelfit line is available only in Asia, the range of products include powder foundation, liquid foundation (i have yet to try, but tempted), blushes. If you're lucky, they will be doing promotion on this foundation, which will be reduced to $80~ HKD roughly.

The compact, is stylish for a drugstore foundation, but it's not as sleek as I expected, the click opening is not really as good as it is supposed to be. Nevertheless, it contains 7.9 gram of product, which is much compared to Benefit's Hello Flawless (7 gram with a huge price tag of $320 HKD).

Although my camera did not reveal clearly, there are tiny pink specks on the cover of the foundation, there aren't many, and they're not like glitter or shimmer. I believed they're the 'crushed pink pearls' added into the powder to achieve a special effect catered for Asian skin. Anyhow, I did not notice any pink specks on my face, lol! So, there is nothing to worry.

The compact comes with a sponge, it isn't the best sponge I would say, but I used it anyway. The shade I got is in OC2 (natural ochre), it is VERY DIFFICULT to find your shade, given that Maybelline has only one store with SA, and others are drugstore shelves (help yourselves). The reason why I got mine in OC2 is because, I went to the store before and purchased this foundation for Eve, and I also asked the SA which shade I should wear, she pointed me to OC2. There are a total of 4 shades available, OC1, OC2, OC3, and one more I forgot. My coloring is NC25, NARS Santa Fe, Benefit Hello Flawless in Honey, Shu Uemura #764.

The shades of the liquid foundation and the powder foundation are not the same. There are 5 shades available for the liquid bottle, but I cannot choose my own shade from that range without the help of an SA, at the end I did not buy the liquid bottle.

Although it doesn't say on the packaging, this foundation has an SPF of 22, which is pretty nice for me since I prefer higher SPF. Here's my FOTD with it, and my thoughts:

As soon as I put this foundation on my face, it seems a bit dark and orange for my skin. It may not be noticeable in the pic, and after a while though. But I would say that OC1 (one shade down) is kind of too white for me, and OC3 is too dark (said by the SA), so I am left with OC2 (the 4th shade is in pink tone, so it's definitely not for me). I found the powder sometimes is fairly easy to blend, sometimes it is harder, I have no idea why. Coverage is nice, although I did use concealer under eye before wearing this. Staying power is fairly high for a drugstore product, and my face is not oily after 6 hours. Compared to other foundations, I would say this scores the highest in terms of oil control and staying power.
So far, it hasn't break me out, and it is cheap, this powder is going to stay in my makeup bag!
Overall verdict: 7/10


  1. Hey Jen!

    I'm using their liquid foundation. I'm tempted to try their powder one now =D

  2. Ahh! Why does it have to be Asia exclusive? :(
    I'll put it on my to get list I ever go to HK in the future :P

  3. Oh yay thanks for the foundation review! I have a sample of the Angelfit primer and that's not bad too, it brightens the face and has a bit of coverage although it's just a primer.

  4. thanks for the review! too bad they don't carry this line in canada :(

  5. I'm MAC NC 20-25, closer to NC 20 but not quite there yet haha. I'm using CO1 Nude.

  6. I remember looking at Maybelline stuff when I was in HK but not buying any. Not sure why. I think I just got overwhelmed with so many products...hee hee. Thank you for the review, Jennifer!

  7. thanks for the review!! i was thinking of buying the liquid foundation or primer since watsons is having some sale! hope the sale isn't finished! going to rush down tml haha...

  8. never tried maybelline but heard the new max factor liquid foundation works like a second skin...

  9. Am I the only one that hate BeautyMaker? Shocking... considering they are truly awful products...not to mention does not live up to the hype...
    Maybe their makeup items are good? I've only tried their skincare... and do not wish to waste anymore money on that line...
    This maybelline foundation looks interesting... I like the case!

  10. I have this one too! Mine is the PO1, light pink ochre, fit my skin tone perfectly! I even brought it to HK with me, hehe.. But I agree, the packaging and the ads are so cute and tempting!

  11. Since it's for the Asian market, I doubt I would be able to find this here. I like the simple but classy compact design. This foundation sounds promising and it's great that it works for you. :)

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