Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day trip to Malmo in Sweden

I went to Malmo in Sweden on Valentine's Day, Malmo is the third largest city of Sweden. It is 40 minutes by train away from Copenhagen.

Some kind of city hall in Malmo:
Harbour overlooking Copenhagen far away:
And now to the modern and stylish architectures in Malmo! This is the famous Turning Torso, a residential building. Its sister building is under construction in Dubai currently. This tower has a 90 degrees twist, we are told by the guide book.

This is actually a house! they've got doll houses (which allows you to look inside) LOL

I went into a store in Malmo and saw NIVEA has its own MU line, has anyone tried it? I also saw Lumene...
After settling in Denmark for over a month, I had no contact with anything haul-related and new MU *sobs*.

FYI, the MU brands available in Copenhagen are less than your 10 fingers, ha! Sure there are drugstores like Matas, Bilka, and stuff like that, but the only brands I've seen so far is Estee Lauder, GOSH, Rimmel, Max Factor, Maybelline, Clarins, Chanel, Dior, Origins, Clinique, no Revlon I think, Shiseido, and BORING. BORING!!!! I've only seen one MAC but only in the largest mall (in both Copenhagen and the largest among Scandinavia). And this is precisely why I am heading to London next week.......

Any thoughts on what I should pick up from London?


  1. the snow there looks so pretty! unlike in the city where all the cars drive around and make it look very dirty. the building structures look so cool!

    hope you have a lot of fun in london :]

  2. wow...lovely photos....& so many nice places you have been on your trip...have fun in london...

  3. it looks really fun there! the building looks cool too :D

  4. Ahh, London?

    SUQQU and Illamasqua! And maybe RMK too? Since Copenhagen has nothing much :(

  5. Gorgeous pictures!
    You look really cute and those buildings are amazing! :)

  6. Hi there! New follower over here!
    And wow, Malmo is such a pretty place! And LOL at the dog! He is indeed really cute!! I want to take a picture with him too!!

  7. Hey! your pics are awesome, I love Denmark, been a few times! not when its cold tho:) hehe Your Blog is Fab! im def following :)just showing some love on your page I'm a newbie blogger at and you can follow me on twitter if you have that too
    XoXo, Suzanna

  8. aww, it's really suck to suffer breakout. hope your skin will be better soon.
    sure! I'll try to review them when i've used them enough. my sister got the 3-step system and she likes it, i hope i'll like this one too :)

  9. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for joining my giveaway & for the sweet things you said! GL to you. :] ohhh LOVELY photos. Verrry pretty. ^^

    Katie Ngo

  10. MU selection here in nordic countries is SO BORING (=small)... Can't wait my next visit to Hong Kong and Facess ;) Nivea makeup is not sold in Denmark? We have it here, and of course Lumene (a Finnish brand).

    Lovely photos!

  11. Sorry to hear there wasn't much MU but at least you'll be heading to London! Great pics though. =D

  12. Malmo is a cool place, literally!!

    Really glad to have met you at Eve's!


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