Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Clothes Haul

In case you're wondering where I have been and why I haven't been updating, here's why:

School has started, and that's part 1 of the readings I've got to finish within 7-8 weeks, and then there will be another 2 books (part 2) later to come. I'm taking 2 courses shown above, and another psychology course which I have yet to attend (tomorrow), hopefully I will have another thick textbook and many readings to complete =.=''.

"Why so hard-working when you are not transfering any credits to your home university?" you may ask. Haha, I don't know either, I guess its just that I want to learn things from the 3 courses even if I don't have to care about the grades, this makes a difference when you're doing courses which you NEED to care about the grades you get. :P

The second thing is, I was so worried about my lost parcels. My family shipped them to me via air mail and it should take only 8 days, but I got nothing and its been over a month! I put my favourite jackets and clothes in the box and so i'm dead worried. At the end I got parcel #2 but #1 is nowhere to be seen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is returning to sender (my home) safely.... :X

Onto the weather bit, the snow and wind is unpredictable here in Copenhagen, yesterday (and days to come) I had a FACE SPA (LOL)with snow when I was walking back to my apartment in the mad wind and snow. The snow literally washed my hair thoroughly (wet) when I got to the apartment. LOL but at least when I fought with the snow and the wind, I got 3 scarves on sale from H&M!!! and a jacket from New Yorker...

Got this cropped pink champagne-colored satin jacket at H&M last Sunday, it was on sale, and I thought my favourite jackets in the parcel were lost (along with the parcel), so I bought this!

Have you tried a face spa in the snow and the wind? :P


  1. whoa, you impressed me. all this time i study just for grade, shame on me.
    sorry about your lost package, hopefully you'll get it soon. those scarves look so pretty!

  2. Hope you get your parcels soon dearie! :)

  3. wow you're so hardworking. =D

    Urgh. how can you deal with the snow, im an avid hater of the snow haha.

    Nice buys. x

  4. I love that you're so dedicated to culture. And the globalization and international migration book sounds really interesting!!!

    Anyway, as long as you're staying in Denmark for a sufficient span of time (sufficient to cover the end of the giveaway, winner draw, and shipping of the package) you're in!

    Good luck on your studies and I hope the parcel gets to you soon. Trust me, I know how it feels like. LOL

  5. Hee hee...I have never had a face spa before! ;) Nice haul, Jennifer. I hope you get parcel #1 soon!

  6. great haul! I love H&M too :)

    I don't smell anything from the Canmake glosses but I do have allergies so half the time I'm stuffy lol so maybe that's why I don't smell anything?

  7. Good luck with the studying!! I hope you're coping well with school. I love the H&M purchases!!

    Btw the JS eye jellies are DIVINEEEEE!!! I'm amazed by the fact they don't crease at all!

  8. cute jacket!!! i just started following you. when you have time, come check out my blog too! :) i'm still new to it but would hope to get more followers. thanks!

  9. I am loving that jacket!! I just got back to Singapore from the cold and the snow in NYC and DC in the states, and I gotta say, as much as i bitched about the freezing temps, I kinda miss it now that I'm back in the humid/hot equator.. lol..

  10. good luck with the studying! love the black vest/throwover :D xx

  11. did you lost the package? OMG! thats awful :(
    hope its insured and get some refund *sniff sniff

    whoaaa H&M madness hehehe i too had a great deal of fun at H&M central@HK LOL

    so uber trendyy~~ luff your pick!

    i like your attitude towards education~~ its not just the grades that matters ..its the learning process tooo that shape one's mind **gambarimas


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