Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jill Stuart Limited Edition blushes!

Jill Stuart's new limited edition mixed blush compacts will hit the counters on 1st of April, as well as their new mascara. I know I will be pre-ordering, how about you :)?


  1. Me wants!! But I can't order bc I'm not a member nor from HK... =(

    I just hope it doesn't sell out by the time it hits Gooddealer...

  2. They are really pretty, but don't think i will buy them cause i'm kinda broke now.. hehe

  3. These blushes look soo cute~ hahaha I want it but it is definitely cheaper in asian countries. ALL the online stores mark up the prices to an INSANE price especially if it is LE. hahaha sucks~ :(
    But i want to pick one up too!Which one will you get? :D

  4. pretty! <3 I want! I want!!! my dresser is slowly becoming a Jill Stuart counter and I'm loving it!

  5. It looks gorgeous--but they cost a bomb!


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