Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review: Illamasqua Satin Primer SPF 20

A few days ago I was putting on makeup and I twisted my Benefit That Gal primer, and nothing came out! WHEEEEE I kinda hit pan with a product this time!! This is the second tube I finished :) Regardless of whether I am in Project 10 pan or not, this is something remarkable (I never hit pan on anything except powder foundations). Goodbye Benefit That Gal!! (I won't be buying you

Then I remembered some while ago I received this Illamasqua primer from Helen's giveaway, so I dug it out and here it is:
The instructions on the back read:
"Use under foundation or on its own for a smooth, even base that is protected from the elements. With SPF 20, Illamasqua Satin Primer lifts and highlights the faec, creating a stunning dewy effect to enhance the siren within."

Volume: 30ml. Bottle comes in a weird shape (see the pics below):

As you can see in this pic, the primer is milky white, the texture is also a bit runny (means easy to blend). The product carries a faint candy smell, very much like a combination of vanilla and coconut.

When spreaded out:
My honest thoughts:
- does not leave a white cast to your face
- texture is runny so it is easy to blend
- faint scent which might appeal to some of you (but vanilla is certainly not for me lol)
- makes your face smoother for makeup application afterwards
- it is kind of dewy when put on alone
- only moderate degree of SPF, I would have needed much higher (at least SPF 25 for me)
- does not control oil (and product does not claim to do so), but for people with oily skin it means the 'dewy' effect can easily become 'greasy'
- does not conceal pores
- broke me out on the forehead
- does not 'lift' and 'highlight' the face contrary to the product claims
- product is difficult to dispense given the weird packaging (you can't squeeze at the bottom of the tube, you can only do so at the top of the tube)

This primer does not come close to "something that I will occasionally use". It gave me breakouts on the forehead. Oh well, neither am I sticking to Benefit That Gal primer lol!

Do you have a HG primer? or something that comes close to a HG? Share with us :D


  1. Thanks for the review!! I shall save my money!

    I have two primers that I really like: Suqqu creamy makeup base, and Guerlain L'Or.

  2. I really love Biotherm primer from their whitening line. Good colour correction, pore coverage and high SPF =)

  3. I kinda like the Suqqu creamy makeup base (only when used with Suqqu products) My fav base of the moment would probably be FRESH Twilight Freshface Glow... will probably try By Terry base products after I finish what I have... too broke to splurge now :p

  4. Great review! it sucks that it broke out on you, i hate product that cause me broke out.

  5. I use a sunscreen as primer, haha! I used to use MUFE's SPF primer (forgot what it was called) but it seemed to not make my makeup last? Then I realized it was because my sunscreen gave me the same slippery, smooth surface and that the two of them combined made my makeup slide right off! Bleh. Anyway, I was using Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 70.
    Sad that it breaks you out - I hear that primer's amazing!

  6. I love MAC's Prep and Prime. I don't think it includes an SPF, but I use Mary Kay's Day Solution. Mac's Prep and Prime works wonders on my oily skin. I use their matte oil control for that, but it does have shimmering particles that provide a glow and the finish gives me a porcelain doll look. It definitely keeps my makeup on much longer as my face would eat it away otherwise. I am prone to breakouts and when my face is shiny you can really see the pores around and on my nose. I would recommend you give this one a try.

  7. WHeee congrats on finishing benefit primer~~ big cheer! nowadays the only thing i finished are empty bottles from skincare..

    aww what a disappointment from Illasmaqua T.T
    i totally detest product that breakout on me!
    return it or swap away :P

    am using shu uemura:uv under base fluid spf20
    very watery smooth freshness and lightweight formula tinted with no white cast..luv it! will re-purchase or back to LauraMercier tinted moisturizer

  8. I alternate between Philosophy's The Present and Clinique Super City Block (a sunscreen). The Philosophy primer offers good pore coverage, moderate oil control, and a pleasant lavender scent. Most of the time though, I slap on my Super City Block SPF 45 from Clinique, which evens out my coloring slightly and adds a nice "glow" to anything I put on top. When I have time and need heavier coverage, sometimes I will layer the two.

  9. Its such a shame that it didn't work for you. =(

    Are you back in denmark already?


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