Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gorgeous Must-see photos from Santorini, Greece

After scanning thousands (yes, that much) photos, I proudly present to you the pictures from a gorgeous Greek island called Santorini. It has always been the sort of places I want to visit some point in my life, yes it was on my ''100 things to do before dying'' list. Santorini is 5 hours away from Athens by a ferry, and look at the sea, it's so blue!!!!!!! Doesn't it get you excited??

This is a picture of the many villa(s) on the island. I have been warned that as long as you stepped out of the ferry, literally thousand people will flock at you with their signs telling you to stay in their villa, hostel, hotel, whatever. To avoid the surcharge associated with walk-ins, we chose to book our villa through It costs us only 10 Euros per night per person, in a private double room!

Another villa near ours, which has a swimming pool, the mountains in the background will make you feel like you're in a desert under a boiling sun. In fact, Santorini came from a volcanic eruption, hence the whole island is a bit steep in terms of landscape, and mountains are quite barren.
Here we arrived at the first and the largest town on Santorini, THIRA (also called FIRA):
This is what Santorini is about: vacation, white and blue houses, sea, and lots of sunshine.
Below are pictures from another town - Oia (pronounced as EEE-AAA).
Basically the white houses with blue domed tops are churches.
I asked myself: how can one feel depressed, anxious and stressful when one lives here?
Watching sunset on a castle in Oia is a must-do.
Some 3-week old kitties in our villa, aren't they cute ?

It's definitely one of the places I will revisit again :D


  1. so gorgeous....

    I want to go there in the future

  2. This place looks beautiful! It's one of the places I've always wanted to visit. I loved the photos that you took :)

  3. It looks so beautiful and peaceful! Ahhh must visit ^__^

    I can't believe the water is that clear...soo much pretty than the water I saw the other day at the beach :X

  4. This place looks really serene and beautiful. Looks sizzling hot out there and those kitties are so cute ^.^

  5. Love the pics, Jennifer! Wish I were there right now. :)

  6. Welcome back Jennifer! Santorini looks BEAUTIFUL!! It looks like an amazing place to take your spouse for a honeymoon ;D

  7. OMG, it's really beautiful there! I would love to visit there one day too :D

  8. Gorgeous pictures!

    Just came across your blog.

    It is lovely!

  9. it's so beautiful over there! Plus you take great photos ^.^ Ooh I wanna go to Santorini too!

  10. this is such a beautiful place.....and lovely pics...

  11. Lovely pictures hunny! Greece is such a beautiful place!! Cant wait to visit Santorini too :)

  12. Beautiful! I must visit Santorini someday <3


  13. Beautiful country,I'd love to visit one day.
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  14. What a gorgeous place! I hope to go there too! Lovely blog doll ;)

  15. love this post! i wish i could go there.

    you should enter my giveaway!!

  16. absolutely stunning views!! amazing photos!! i would love to vacation here!!

  17. wow amazing pictures!!

    really lovely blog :)

    cheers, Jesa

  18. im seriously dying a little bit inside! this is my number one place to travel to! stunning photos! xo

  19. so beautiful!~!~ it's winter in australia at the moment ~ those pics cheered me up. thanks for sharing xo

  20. This is so beautiful and looks like a lot of fun too!!!

    I just came back from Croatia, the sea is gorgeous and blue over there as well. I went snorkelling nearly every day!!

    I also bought so many beautiful little jewellery pieces in the traditional Market places. :)

    Check out the post? (I also met an adorable little tortoise in the Villa garden :P)



  21. Such an amazing place!!
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  22. greece santorini!
    would luvvv to visit one of these days...blissful~ bet you have a romantic wonderful time with your S.O!! ahhh soo pretty...paradise neh

    blue & white...just like in the fairytale


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