Thursday, October 28, 2010

Swatches: MAC Venomous Villains Lipglasses

Here are the belated lip swatches of the MAC Venomous Villains lipglasses (I know i'm a bit behind in posting, but since I took the photos already, so why not?). I purchased Revenge Is Sweet, then headed back to purchase Strange Potion and Wicked Ways too.

Me bare-lipped:
(Trust me, my lips aren't as pale as in the pic...which is always a problem for me to buy lip products, I wish mine were pale so every shade will look good lol)

Wearing Strange Potion from Evil Queen line:

Strange Potion looks terribly coral and bright in the tube, but I tried it at the store and my friend said it looked nice, so I caved in.

Wearing Revenge Is Sweet:

It came out more pigmented than I thought judging from the swatches online! Although it looks nice in the pic but it's actually turned my lips into a fuschia kind of pink/purple, it's not a shade I would wear everyday lol But it photographed nicely!

And lastly, Wicked Ways from Cruella de Vil line:

It looks terribly red like my mouth is bleeding LOL

This is not a shade I would wear normally, but it looks so nice in the tube - it's probably the nicest red gloss I've ever come across - a red (gloss) which every girl should own in her purse!

What's your favourite lipgloss? Do you have a red gloss which you think every girl should own? :D


  1. It's never too late to do a swatch! :D. Strange Potion looks really pretty on you :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the swatches! :) Revenge is Sweet looks awesome on you.

  3. Strange Potion looks great!! I usually stick to safe colours for lipgloss too, but Revenge is Sweet looks really good on you!

    Oh tts a relief if Gina isn't going to be d/c.. I'm actually thinking of ordering it from now that they have a 20% discount going on for new customers.. we'll see about tt.. =P

    Packaging wise, I say the Japanese wins hands down.. their packaging is always amazing! unlike some western brands that have tacky or boring packaing.. lol..

  4. I don't have any red gloss, most of my glosses are pink and nude, I should try to be more adventurous on color! hehe...

  5. oo I think Strange Potion DOES look really nice on you, makes me wanna buy it... Revenge is sweet looks so pretty too but :( i guess since you said its fuschia in real life >< but yeah you told sold me on Strange Potion!

    I tend favor more sheer lipglosses so I can use it has a topper for more fav right now is Etude House Dear Darling glosses, though I only have one...if that's a sample of the other 19 colors they have, I need the whole line ^^

  6. haha true true.. but I think i'm more an Asian brand girl at heart.. so I actually prefer the pigmentation of brands such as Kate, MM and Lavshuca..

    hahahaha it happens to me too! I buy stuff just cuz it looks great even though I might not end up using it very much!

    I've got Orgasm, Deep Throat and Mata Hari.. If not for the terrible packaging, I would have hauled many more!

  7. wow! i love 'revenge is sweet'. you look pretty with that :)

    i agree with the wicked ways lipglass, its my favourite red gloss too :)

  8. strange potion and revenge is sweet looks really nice on you! :]

    it is kind of hard to keep using products those kind of products. i keep wanting to buy new things ones to try, but with cleanser i've been good and have only used those 2 and i'm about half way with each. can't wait until their finished! ^__^

    as of right now i'm probably not going to be purchasing from the holiday collection. one of the blush/face kit looks pretty but i still have 2 unopened MSF/Mineralized blush that needs my love :P

  9. hi jen! thanks for the swatches, they all look good on you, no kidding, i dont think your lips look like they're bleeding! LOL ;)

    I only began reading ViVi last June when I went to HK. since then I've been hooked! everything looks so cute and pretty! hehe maybe they're running out of makeup tutorials? :P

  10. i still haven't opened the utterly game mineralized blush & stereo rose msf. they look so pretty! i don't have the heart to use it yet lol :X

    if you get the egg cleanser before i do, let me know how it is :]

    my highland honey is such a bright color, but it does look pretty! the price difference from in U.S. and Europe for the face kits are so wide :O

  11. which range of Visee palettes did you get? I haven't had any trouble with pigmentation from Visee before.. I've got the Blackish Forming Eyes and Glam Nude Eyes (my fave). I find tt Kate in general has great pigmentation. but each brand has certain ranges that are more pigmented and certain ones that are less so.. I love Kate's Deep Eyes, MM's Trick On Eyes and Lavshuca's Light Mix Eyes.

    I'm trying to stay away from MAC collections.. lol.. they suck way too much of my money.. hahaha but I may succumb in the end =P

  12. hey all these colors look great on you! nice picks! have a great halloween weekend

  13. Your lip swatches are gorgeous!

    I love how Revenge is Sweet looks on you! But yah a picture swatch can turn out different from what it really looks like. The blue undertones in it is too strong for your liking?

    If I'm not mistaken, Canmake Cheek Gradation costs ~€15 here =[ $$$ right? *sniff*

  14. Hi Jennifer!

    Thank you for your comment yesterday. :) I actually keep some stuff that didn't work for me in case someone I know wants to try it but after a while, I just toss it. Wasteful, I know! XD Yep, that's my cat, he's name is Brody. Do you have pets? ^^

  15. I agree with the girls, Strange Potion definitely looks gorgeous! you got some great picks right there! Thanks for the swatches! =)

  16. oh DEFINITELY!!! I'll be there with a friend on Nov. 22-24 for the H&M x Lanvin launch. Lets plan it! :)

    I cant wait for the December issue of ViVi! You're right, MORE actually has more stuff for the 20+/ young professionals. They have more wearable fashion spreads. :)

  17. Wow, such pretty swatches!

    Thank you for commenting / following! Sorry it took me a long time to follow you!! Do you have a twitter account?

  18. found your blog today! yes, yes, yes! more swatches of MAC VV collection. LOL, better l8 than never.=)) OMG, I love the Revenge is sweet and Wicked Ways on your lips! Seriously~!=))


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