Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection *PIC HEAVY*

I got 3 sets of Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection this year, 2 of them is for other bloggers :)
(I know, it's a bit late, but i'm too busy to go and pick up the sets lol) Here you go the pictures!

3 boxes, the salesperson probably thought I"m a mad woman:
the sides of the boxes are printed in lace pattern:
Back of the box detailing the instructions and contents of the Xmas coffret:
Insides of the box:
The laced makeup pouch:
Makeup pouch unfolded with 2 compartments:

The items! A Night Jewel perfumed body powder, mini jelly lip gloss, eye jelly, a pair of falsies and a small tube of glue, and a blush blossom loose blush powder.

The falsies look LUSH...
Black laced pattern on the lid of the eye jelly:
Comparison of the eye jellies, on the left is from regular permanent line, Xmas 2010 in the middle and the one from Xmas 2009 on the right:
Last year's shade vs. this year's shade. Looks similar (= sheer) right?
Jelly lip gloss:
Comparison with last year's (9ml) packaging. Yes this year's gloss is a bit bigger (10ml).
Night Jewel Perfumed body powder (3g):
The lace-printed blush blossom loose blush powder:
This year's brush:
Comparison with the regular blush blossom brush:
On the left: from Xmas 2010.
On the right: regular blush blossom.
The shade in this set is 101 Sensual Dahlia
On the left: blush blossom in this coffret.
On the right: LE blush blossom in 05 Poetic Daisy.
It seems the products in this year's coffret is too similar with what they've released before X_X

Are you overwhelmed? Underwhelmed by this year's collection?

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  1. so pretty ^^ thanks for sharing. i think 2009 collections were a little more impressive - but still pretty. would love to see a look w the falsies

  2. Ahahahahahahahaaa! wot a coincidence!!! xD
    Hello person that is hooking me up with the Lunasol Coffret!
    Thanks so much for helping out! let me know if there's anything I can help you CP from Canada xD
    Apart from the pretty pouch, this year's JS xmas collection is a bit...meh. Only exception is that the falsies look gorgeous!

  3. I'm with faye lu review on this, please show a look with the omg batty lashes!!

    Sensual Dahlia doesn't resemble Poetic Daisy at all, it's so much more muted. I think it has some similarities with Lady Amaryllis.. Are you getting more shades from the Blush Blossom range?

    RYC, a reader got the MFC blush for me whilst vacationing in Japan.

  4. This coffret is so pretty! Please do a look with it!

    I was actually thinking of purchasing the Lunasol Party Coffret but it's rather expensive from the places that I was looking at and I'm not sure about the colors in the set.


  5. The holiday set looks great nonetheless. I'm very surprised by how Jill Stuart pays attention to even the little details! If only it wasn't hard to get and out of my price range xD

  6. Love the look of black lace! *^_^*

    (Thanks! Hmm....I think compared to Hong Kong, probably not?)

  7. HAHA maybe you are crazy ;-b We are all crazy when it comes to shopping ! X-D But it's okay. There's no point in earning money if you can't enjoy it ;-) There's so much in the coffret and it's so beautifully designed ! I really should try Jill Stuart products !

  8. I have a feeling Sheila, MacNunu and I are going to be tussling over who CPs what for you... but my tax is the lowest :D

    This coffret is pretty but I find that the JS products for each year are always similar... last year was a bit different with the hilighting powder but everything else seems the same! The only thing I'd consider from this collection is the pouch, and 100$ for one thing is quite a lot - and I'm happy with the pouch from the JS mook this year :D

    I LOVE the lace print though. At least the packaging looks quite different!

  9. Jill Stuart packaging is the best and it's so nice of you to buy these pretty sets for other bloggers. OMG those lashes do look lush indeed. I do agree that this year is similar to last year's releases though.

  10. OMG Jen I want this, the coffret looks so pretty with all the lace details, but i know I don't NEED it. :P After tweed fuschia, i think i want to get a couple of subtle and sheer blushers now. @.@

    the falsies look so full and fabulous! would you really wear them out? just curious. :)

    I'm so excited to shop at Jill Stuart! my list is getting longer everyday!

  11. nope i don't think i will, i'm not too proficient with loose blushes (not that i'm proficient with powders and creams either LOL)

    i know what you mean!! those batty lashes are full of drama, and not really suitable for an everyday look.. i wanna get more lashes, the ones that i have all look the same!!!

    hmmm, practise with a cheaper pair first before you graduate to the JS one?

  12. I think the packaging is so beautiful! The lace patterns the lolita feel...the lashes look so lush too. The only thing I don't like is the pattern on the blushes...I know it's supposed to be lace but it reminds me of honey bee combs ><

  13. oh my gosh!:D they're beautiful! It never ceases to amaze me how well they package their items. ~ thanks for sharing <3

  14. this is gorgeous, i really want one :)

    where did you get it?

    xoxo Christine

  15. oh and thanks for the primer swap offer. I haven't tried primers much since most of the time I end up rushing out of the house for work. haha. which primer did you get the extra one of? I've never done a swap with other bloggers before. dunno how it's organised.

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  17. Oh, gorgeous bag and items! Have you tried the falsies yet? They look thick and perfect. I'm a big believer in false eyelashes, and did a How To tutorial here.

    Glad I found your blog - fabulous!


    November Grey

    Pop over for an awesome Art Giveaway

  18. Oh my god!
    They are incredibly cute and beautiful!!
    I love it all! I did not know this brand!

  19. You are so lucky, wish i could get a set like that here in Norway :)

  20. I wanted this so much!! Could I know how much is the price in HKD?? Aggrhh..I should have encountered ur blog earlier so I got someone CP for me..Hehe XD


  21. Hi Jen, the lace detailing and satin pouches are so luxurious and pretty... what a tease indeed! I can't buy Jill Stuart (not cruelty-free) :\ but I enjoy eye candy packaging all the same. hehe you remind me of me when there are really good MAC LE collections out ^^

    Thanks for your comment btw, I can understand why you would feel a bit negative towards native HK people who don't speak Chinese.. I believe anyone who lives in a specific culture should at least make some effort to appreciate it. Wow I didn't know ABCs/BBCs/CBC people were snobbish when they go to Asia.. that's definitely no good and ruins the reputation of the normal ones :\

  22. I love it. I'm writing my Xmas wishlist as we speak. Thanks for sharing and come and visit me too when you have time.


  23. Hehe I received my set today! :D Can't wait to play around with it, it's SO pretty! My first JS collection. I can't wait to come to HK again and haullll!! :P

    I got the LE Blush Blossom too!

  24. i'm your new (300th!) follower.
    the make up pouch looks lovely! Jill Stuart packaging is always so gorgeous.

  25. Jill Stuart + Pic Heavy has to be a pleasant reading/viewing experience...And it was. Thank you :).
    Beautiful ^_^!!!

    (It's similar to the 2009 stuff, but I prefer 2010 ;D.)

  26. OMG it's so the lace design...Drooooooooling....

  27. WOW! look at those false lashes!! i am in LOVE- never seen anything like it- thanks for sharing!

  28. hey Jen,

    nope I dont use makeup alley. it sounds tempting but the shade's a bit too light for me. I would hate to have it end up sitting in my draws. lol. I've been using their #02 natural foundation shade and it seems to be a better match for my skin tone. light primers tend to make me ghostly pale @_@ and pink.

    oh and you have to show us how those lashes look on you?! the more I look at those photos to more I want to spurge on it x3. Resisting the urge to impulse buy. lol


  29. what a pretty pattern! good job i have high willpower in resisting buying makeup these days :P

    thanks for the comment, the blush was much brighter and darker when i first had it on. the colours kinda faded through the day - great pigmentation and staying power i think!

  30. Just beautiful way too admire you!!!! :) love JS

  31. the pouch is so cute. looks like a lingerie :) based on your comparison, they look like the regular collection.

  32. I NEED THOSE LASHES!! All of that mos def needed the long pictorial!! wOw...

  33. everything is so pretty! the falsies are like feathers almost!

  34. wow im loving the packaging! specially from the blush, so gorgeous =)

  35. you are such a JillStuart chic~!
    the black lace is a perfect delicate touch!!

    my blush blossom in sweet romantic pea looks so boring compare to this HOLIDAY collection!! #01 does give the cool lilac baby pinkish blush~

    pretty pretty~ so fun to live in HK! how's the meetup with coffretgeorge going on?

    ahh how i wish i can teleport and hangout with you gals!!

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