Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Outfit of the day + shoes

Today's outfit features a ruffled chiffon top, smart-casual cropped pants, and laced heels in suede. I wear this to school, to formal meal gatherings. If I'm working, I would add a black long-sleeved cardigan to stay warm in air-conditioned environment. I also wear this chiffon top for job interviews, I would pair this with a suit (skirt + jacket), and mono-colored heels.

I adore ruffles ♥ and the way they cover my shoulders. They slim your arms XD!

Normally I tend to avoid high heels (or anything higher than 1.5 inch) but I can't resist the lace-pattern...and it's in suede! These heels measured pretty tall in real life (2 inches). The front of the heels are covered in lace fabric while the latter half of the heels are covered in pure black suede material. The total came below 30 Euros.

I will have my second exam tomorrow, and another exam coming on saturday and next thursday, plus an essay due on tuesday. I am speechless except wishing for miracles to happen, LOL. Can't believe my uni life is coming to an end! I fell in love with this song (pun intended. It's a mashup, to be exact) below ever since I heard it a few months ago.

Thumbs-up to those who can name all the songs and artists in the following video. No cheating!


  1. Love your top, its so pretty <3

    xo Christine


  2. Love your top!! Pretty outfit~~
    Good luck with your exams and your work :)

    Oo I never answered your question that you left on my blog a while ago :P
    Yeah I speak cantonese but it's not too good :S hehe. I might be going HK sometime next year so it'll be great to have some sort of meet up :D xxx

  3. I like that this outfit looks expensive, yet it's quite affordable!

    And what a beautiful song! I forwarded it to my boyfriend, he's gonna love it, too ;)

  4. Pretty top I love the ruffles and hey you are very smart

  5. I think they're called Harem Pants? not so sure thought :) but nice outfit!

    Zeng of TheBeehive

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  6. Really in love with your shirts!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  7. I am following your blog now, so many interesting posts! :D

  8. Oh, love! This is something I'd totally wear and be comfortable in :) thank you for posting a sweet OOTD, Jen!

    Keep them coming okay?

  9. hi.. nice outfit!! like your ruffle top.. :)

  10. Those heels are gorgeous! I love anything with lace x)

  11. The top is so cute! I adore ruffles too :D. Good luck on your exam!

  12. very beautiful <3

    shoes id great tooo

  13. i love the heels! i can't stand really high heels neither. haha. i love the way heels look but i can't stand the pain >_< but i still wear small heels like you do ^_^ i really want to find a pair of nice lace heels like yours :D
    by the way, jen, you've probably been tagged for this already but i tagged you for the "one lovely blog award" ^_^ http://msodapop.blogspot.com/2010/11/one-lovely-blog-award.html

  14. that is such a gorgeous top! what great finds :)


  15. nicely paired white chiffon ruffles & harem pants...i think >:P

    very slimming effect!but you are slim already teehee

    ahh lace heels too! very fall/winter and romantic outfit all together!

    i'm mad about cape this season!
    i have two!!

  16. I like your outfit. You look great wearing that. Thank you that you like my blog. Have a nice day. Kisses.

  17. very romantic blouse :) love the pants, great slimming effect!

  18. amazing outfit!
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    kiss kiss^^

  19. Those shoes should be mine! jk, seriously love your outfit and your makeup hauls!:-)

  20. I like those ruffles on your top too, and nice pants, not sure what theyre called either, dressed capri pants? lol noo idea

  21. Oh I love this outfit so much :)
    the shirt is simply gorgeous!! x

  22. I love your top!!! Cute!



  23. aahh your clothes look so pretty!!

  24. love the shoes :)!

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  25. I think those are harem pants? Very nice outfit and shoes! The black lace is sexy. :D

  26. That's such a cute shirt! I love the ruffles.

    Sorry I took a long time to respond back! It was a good thing you asked your friend, because so much has happened that I didn't get to log onto my computer. I don't mind helping you, but please make sure you send one e-mail and don't change your mind... hehe~ :P

    I don't know how to make kimchi. It takes too much work to make it. :X

  27. you rock the ruffles pretty well Jenn! i wish i had ruffle-friendly body type as well! :P

    yeah i got it, i like foaming cleansers, LATHER!!!! hahaha! XD

    The Vivo we went to was in Yau Ma Tei, just a few steps away from exit C of the MTR station. i loved looking around in there, it wasn't crowded and the staff was friendly, even if i had no idea about what they were saying. Hahah! they also gave us HKD10 coupons for every HKD200 purchase. not bad! ;)

  28. this outfit is adorable :)
    I like the shirt!!

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  29. What a pretty top!

    I just realized - are you in HK? I'm going there in a week! Let me know if you can meet up!

  30. I am loving ruffles and lace this season, very pretty!

  31. I love your shoes!Amazing!
    I just found your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:))
    xx Mary

  32. i love your outfits. the lace tank is really feminine. and the heels are really cute.

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  33. i so loved your outfit :)

    this lace thing makes it look so feminine..

    first time on your blog

    hope you will check out mine:)


  34. wow your top... i love the ruffles on it ♥♥♥♥

    please feel free to check out my newly started blog :

    thank you xxx

  35. Love the top. Agree that it is very slimming...

    The shoes look like what I have except they are black lace against a white background but the heel is black.

  36. Love your blouse ! <3


  37. I love your shoes!!!


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