Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: Sleek One Finishing Powder

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Today I'm introducing a less-talked-about product from Sleek: ONE Finishing powder. I bought mine when I was in the UK (and the price wasn't cheap lol).
Let's see what it says on their website before I go on...

An ultra-translucent powder which sets and enhances the effects of foundation by providing a glowing, translucent finish.

The ONE Finishing Powder is ideal for all skin shades and provides an immediate cooling sensation as it is comprised of 60% water. The formulation also includes natural anti-oxidants and botanicals that nourish the skin and prevent inflammation.

Can be used to set foundations or on its own to provide a flawless, radiant glowing look. 9g the first difference? My jar says 8g, not 9g, but anyway...
Heavily swatched on arm:
Another pic swatching on arm and blended out:
The powder is in seashell pink color and it looks like they've got pearls crushed and mix them with powder, and it does look nice in the jar, almost like fine pigment dusts! However after application, the pearl-y effect isn't that obvious, but I suppose I see a teeny-weeny bit of glow there. One more weird thing, the first few times I try to use this, there's a cooling sensation (like what it claims on the product), but lately I've been trying this out and there's no. cooling. effect.

There is only one color and suits all skin types, the finish is really translucent without giving you a white cast. However it doesn't do a good job in oil-controlling though. Those who have oily-combination skin might want to avoid this since this is, at the end of the day, not matte but has a tiny bit of unnoticeable shimmer. But it's really not noticeable unless you use a magnifying glass to see XD.

Verdict: won't repurchase. This product is not up to the usual hype for products from Sleek. My jar used up pretty fast like after 5-6 times of use, I suppose that's because I use a face powder brush instead of a puff or a sponge. This gives me an idea how I can finish up my other loose powders quickly XD *grins*

And lastly, I got these small jars and pots from Muji for storing my cleanser, toner and moisturizer. These jars will stay at my cousin's house :) I just want the usual skincare regimen to be handy when I am having sleepovers. These are great for those who like travelling-light too!
P.S. Did any of you try to order from the sale on Sleek Makeup's website? How did it go?

P.P.S. My hunt for the WnW palettes has finished, thankyou all for your help :D!!


  1. Love the cute Muji containers! I like the idea of the powder being water-based but I'm sorry it didn't work out.

  2. heya hun, so this powder suits all skintones?? hmm may give it a go, am on the hunt for some light coverage on the face during the week as I don't like wearing heavy foundations all the time, can you recommend anything?? and love those little containers! I really need to get some for my cleanser, toner & moisturiser too, as I recently stayed over at a friends & my skin felt awful the next day!

    Aysh xoxo

  3. This is what their website says it does:
    • Revives hair
    • Strengthens and conditions
    • Reduces drying time

  4. congrats on your hunt! :)
    We should of met earlier because I only went to HK a month and a half-ish ago...~

  5. Hey sweety! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog & thanks for the recommendations too! Will deffo check them out! Mwah!

    Aysh xoxo

  6. Muji has some really nice containers! :) Thanks for sharingg!

  7. Thanks for the great review Jennifer. Sorry you didn't really like the product and it's sucks that it's practically gone after so few uses! :/ Oh well at least, like you said, you can say you used it up! :) Oh those are nice travel containers, very handy indeed. ^^

  8. thanks for the review <3 the muji containers look cute!


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