Monday, November 1, 2010

Swatch comparison: Smashbox Regal Blush a dupe of NARS Gina

NARS Gina has always been my HG orange-peach blush (full list of my HGs here). Seriously, I can't find the sunny-healthy pure orange glow Gina gives me in any other blushes. Yet, this changed when I received Smashbox's fusion blush in Regal from a swap. The latter came in the fall collection in 2009. I've not been impressed by Smashbox before (their Photofinish primer light broke me out, their under eye concealer [forgot the name] makes my undereye area shimmery, mascara smudges etc). But this blush is clearly different from the previous Smashbox experience I've had.

When I opened Smashbox Regal blush, I immediately dug out NARS Gina and put them side by side. Although both of them look kind of pink in the first picture, but they actually aren't pink. Both blushes belong to the orange peach family (NOT coral). Upon first glance, NARS Gina is a much brighter orange than Smashbox Regal. the latter is a much subdued orange in the pan. NARS Gina is matte, Smashbox Regal, however, contains half-matte and half-shimmery on each side of the blush. But the shimmer didn't show up at all when swatched (YAY ^_^).

Smashbox Regal is housed in a magnetic compact with a leather (or faux leather?) packaging, with a special logo printed on it saying 'fall 2009 collection'. NARS Gina comes in the usual black rubber compact. You may notice I taped the NARS compact with tape, that's because after a while, the NARS black rubber will start to degenerate and peel, and it gets extremely awful and sticky when you touch it. I can literally touch it only after I taped it up.

This initial swatch told me these blushes are dupes for each other, lol.

Since it didn't show up well in the first pic, I applied more to get it to show up in camera...

Here's how they look on cheek:

Both blushes show up the same on my cheeks. I like them both :) However if I were to choose one, I'd pick Gina because it's insanely pigmented, I only need a light swipe! Yet, the rational side of my brain tells me Smashbox Regal contains more product (7 grams) versus Gina's 4.5 grams, lol! I found myself reaching for both equally, I can't live without orange blushes especially on rainy and cloudy days, or on days with sleep deprivation.

Do you have a favourite orange blush? Do share yours!


  1. Those really do look similar! and in a good way =)) I'm kinda liking teh Smashbox blush though because the case is sleek..
    Hmm..I don't have any HG orange blush yet. They barely show up on me..But I'm hoping NYX rouge cream blush in Orange would be IT since I read lots of medium-tanned skintone ppl good reviews on it at Makeupalley..

  2. I don't know that I have orange blushes? I think they are more coral. I may have to check out NARS Gina!

    Both of these look really pretty on you! :D

  3. Oh now I desperately need an orange blush, lol! I agree with you, it must look so lovely on cold and cloudy days ;)

  4. Oh, I NEED Gina :D

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

  5. I'd pick Gina too, it gives you a brighter flush of color! :)

    although, i would choose smashbox's packaging over the rubber compact any day... good idea on taping your compact! i just got my first NARS compact, would you recommend taping it sooner rather than waiitng for it to peel and get all sticky? ;)

  6. Thanks for the cool and very helpful post, yes both colors look very lovely and the same on your cheeks. :) NARS stuff is very pigmented so I would see why you would pick it over the more economical Smashbox one. ^^ The Smashbox has such cute packaging though.

  7. They do look similar! and both look really pretty on you. I have an orange blush but it's in loose form and I hardly use it.

  8. I got Smashbox Regal and I agree tt it's a great orangey blush! Now I'm really curious to try out Gina! Is it crazy to be lemming for for something so similar to what I already have? lol..

    I'm totally psyched about my day stopove to HK this Sunday! hahaha can't wait to hit facessss and sasa and bourjois.. hahaha

  9. they look rather similar! I don't have any orange blushes I don't think, but they look a lot more natural than my pink ones... maybe I should get some

  10. Gina looks gorgeous swatched!
    but on your cheeks they do look really similar - beautiful with your skin tone though :)

  11. Thanks so much for the swatch comparisons! Didn't realise how similar they are!

    Aww, thanks you're so sweet! Yeah, I agree, prices those sites are so expensive, I really limit the things I buy. A CP business sounds great! I'll definately be a customer if you start up one!! The JS holiday tease collection looks gorgeous but I'm trying to resist buying it to save some money!

    I've posted up swatches of the blush. My swatching isn't great, but I love the blushes!

  12. Yes Jen the Beautiful Life palette is my first NARS product! I got the powder Orgasm last week, im wearing it today...its sooo much better than the multiple pigmentation wise! im happy. :P

    Oh definitely, im eyeing some eyeshadow duos from NARS! lets get them at FACESSS hahaha! :D

  13. the packaging from smashbox is gorgeous!

    orange blush..hmm i think its one from mac that i like or the multiple teint from NARS!

  14. I think you really found yourself a dupe! I was trying to pick out the different in the two shades but.. I can't really haha I would go with the more pigmented one too :)


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