Monday, February 7, 2011

HG mask: Orbis Foam Esthe Pack Review //不可缺少既護膚item: Orbis 暖暖泡沫面膜

Today I am reviewing one of my favourite products in January 2011: the Foam Esthe Pack mask from Orbis. This bottle has made its way into my list of HGs within a month, does that say something? hehe. In fact I'm surprised I only came to discover this gem after being a loyal Orbis skincare user for over 3 years. When Stellar visited Hong Kong in December, I took her to Orbis and she wanted to try this since this mask is #1 top-seller of Orbis in Japan. I've been using it for the 8th time and would like to say "oh dear, where have you been all these years?!?!"

今日同大家講下我一月份最愛用既產品之一: 佢就Orbis 既暖暖泡沫面膜. 自從Stellar黎香港我地一齊買呢支面膜之後, 佢已經榜上有名. 聽佢講呢支泡沫面膜係日本係第一好賣產品, 用左Orbis skincare 超過三年, 竟然而家先發現到佢既存在, 真係遲左D -.-''
The mask came in an airtight metal bottle with a pump and a lid, it contains 100g. Retail price is around $240 HKD (~$31 USD) but you can easily have a discount when purchasing more than 2 bottles or if you're an Orbis member! I can already smell the possibility of a repurchase, lol.

呢隻面膜用金屬罐包裝, D泡沫可以用噴咀嘎出黎. 內有100g, 賣$240 HKD左右, 不過如果係佢地會員既話或者買2支以上通常都有折. 我已經預視到回購既可能性極高, 嘿嘿....

The SA told me this mask is used to beat the 'yellow-ness' induced by frequent use of makeup, in other words, it helps to purify skin and even your complexion. This is what I need.

店內小姐同我地講呢隻面膜好適合經常化妝既人用, 可以令塊面無咁黃, 同埋淨化毛孔, 等膚色均勻D. 正中下懷~
The foam mask came in a mousse texture, I was instructed to pump the size of a ping-pong ball for the whole face and spread the mousse/foam evenly across skin. The texture is very light.

面膜呈泡沫/慕絲狀, 軟綿綿好得意. 店員話擠一個乒乓球大小既份量塗勻全面.
Indulge yourself with a little mousse...cover any possible 'holes' and pores. After 5-7 minutes, I washed off with water and everything came clean in like 10 seconds. I've had a difficult time with other wash-off mask (say clay ones), those took me a few minutes to wash it off completely.

等5-7分鐘之後, 用水洗淨. 我發現好容易就洗乾淨, 10秒鐘就乾淨哂. 唔會好似D泥mask咁好難先洗得甩.

Thoughts: I'm extremely impressed by this product, it smooths and plumps my skin, made it feel soft to the touch. This is very convenient to use in shower or before bed, as it only takes 5 minutes. It's not that 'harsh' on skin as some purifying clay masks out there, I can use it 2-3 times per week.

極度喜歡呢隻面膜, 用完皮膚超滑, 好方便, 又可以沖涼時用, 5 分鐘就搞掂, 岩哂我呢類懶人 XD 仲有佢唔似D泥mask咁, 唔洗驚吸乾塊面既水, 對皮膚都好溫和, 一個星期用2-3次到啦.

- quick fix: only need 5 minutes
- leaves skin VELVET SMOOTH and plump
- texture is like mousse
- helps purify skin
- super easy to use, wash off and lathers extremely well
- comfortable warming sensation on skin
- won't make your skin tight after using
- unscented

- 方便快捷: 5分鐘搞掂
- 令皮膚超滑同飽滿
- 慕絲質感 (輕盈)
- 可淨化皮膚
- 清潔容易
- 泡沫暖暖地好舒服
- 不會令皮膚崩緊
- 無香味

- airtight and metal bottle packaging: difficult to estimate how much product is left inside
- have to be careful when dispensing product out, might end up pumping more than needed

- 密封包裝不容易判斷仲有幾多product剩
- 使用時很容易會擠出過多product

Ease of use// 使用容易程度: 10/10

Product quality// 產品質素: 10/10

Price//價錢: 7.5/10

Packaging// 包裝: 8/10

Repurchase //回購? Y


  1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for this post. I got intrigued with this product since I've never heard of this brand before *smaking my forehead*. Do you any online shop that sells this? Thanks in advance! =)) Have a great day!

  2. Sounds interested! I've never tried many wash-off masks/packs before. And I dislike how difficult it is to remove the queen helene mint julep mask (which is probably why i've been neglecting it =X). It's a bit out of my price range but I'll keep it on my wishlist :P

  3. Oh my goodness makeup can cause yellow-ness? The last thing I need is for my skin to look even more yellow haha.

  4. that looks like a really neat and fun mask!!

  5. Great review!! leaves skin velvet smooth? sounds like a great product!

    btw, I haven't seen the wet & wild 8 pan palette :)

  6. Wonderful review. This sounds really nice. Another item to put on my wish list.


  7. Never tried this before but it sounds nteresting for sure..

  8. wow, it sounds really good! please remind me to get this when we meet up in July! haha it feels so far. O.o

    aw yes i will blog more hopefully, my other life has been hectic recently :)

  9. Funny, the mask looks so yummy, maybe because it look somewhat like whip cream.

  10. sounds interesting, would love to try this mask :)!

    reply/ ohh, I've never been to denmark before, but I've been to Germany, Belgium and Paris. Last year I was in China for a year (internship and exchange) including 11 days in Hong Kong. I probably will be in Hong Kong this year again. ^^

  11. Hmmmm....!! Looks interesting! :D
    I am so jealous you can easily buy many great products (including japanese brands) where you live, haaaa----

  12. Thanks for the great review Jennifer! I think I need to check this out as I definitely need help evening out my complexion. Pump packaging is always good and great to hear it only takes 5 mins to use!

  13. yayyy ^^ we really should shoppp !! =D i will let you know when I'm going to HK =D hahah,, excited to meet bloggers ^o^!!

  14. This is a wonderful skincare product, thanks for sharing! If it's Japan's #1 product from a certain brand, it must be really good!

    I have to tell you though that I cringed looking at that much product at the back of your hand spent for blogging purposes!

    I'm googling orbis right now :)

  15. This mask sounds great d :D
    May have to add it to my (long) list of 'what to get in HK' :P

    and thank you about my hair, although it's a mess lol :) xxx

  16. ohh i am tempted.. luckily orbis can be easily accessed for me.. i may stop at the local store next time. thanks for the review Jennifer!

  17. You, my dear girl, are such an enabler!! I MUST get my hands on this mask!!

    Oh noess, it looks like it comes in an aerosol can!! I wonder if I can 'import' it in?? No idea whether customs is strict about this or not *sniff*

  18. Wow this product sounds really interesting!! I want to try it now.

    RYC - Yes, I am very into Asian skin care products. I feel like Asian skin care products work better and really suit my skin type (oily & sensitive).

  19. LOL nothing really specific yet just brands I definitely need to check out. Canmake, Jill Stuart, Hadalabo, Dollywink etc.
    Stocking up on facemasks as well xD

  20. Oh my, it leaves skin velvety smooth? Sounds awesome! =D

  21. Hello Jennifer <3 I've never actually heard of a mask that comes out as a foam! I'm such a sucker for anything that comes out as foam actually and Japan is probably the only country who can make anything in foam lol, I've got foaming cleanser and even hand cream from a friend living in Tokyo!

    The mask looks like an awesome treat for the face and I wish we had Orbis here ):

  22. Sounds so freaksihly fantastic!!!

  23. looks like shaving cream ^_^ I haven't tried a mousse mask before - this is tempting!

  24. This sounds really interesting! I love that it plumps your face which I need badly... hehe~

    I'm not pale. I'm medium skin. I should be NC30 at the moment. In the summer I go up to NC35-37. Are you pale?

  25. this sounds awesome! I never bought anything from Orbis before through I've wandered into a their store in Taiwan and Hong kong a couple of times.. Just didn't really know what is worth getting.. lol.. Now I know to look out for this next time =)

  26. The way you descrbe this makes me want to rush to the nearest plane and head for HK just to try this, hehe. It looks rich and wow you rated it a high 10 for quality. I'm sure this is awesome!:-)

  27. Thanks for the review. I've never used a foam mask before. The product sounds great!

    Also, thanks for the sweet compliments on my skin!

  28. You've just enabled me to try this mask! The price is a little bit steep but as long as it works :D

  29. that foam looks great! i thought you might be interested in entering my 83-piece makeup palette and nail polish giveaway!

  30. wow never heard of a foam mask haha!

    Guess what? I got your package!! Everything looks amazing thanks! can't wait to try everything hehe

  31. I didn't know this products, they look fantastic!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  32. Thank you for this review! I hadn't heard about this brand before this post! (^_^)

  33. Haha, yes, asian foods are similar esp chinese food :D

  34. Nice Blog :)

  35. Great review! I must check this one out!

  36. this looks similar to the bliss triple oxygen mask but it foams so much better. i didn't know orbis had this stuff. now you make me want to get one lol

  37. Thanks for the review! This mask looks really good! I like how it dispenses with a pump bottle so you don't have to dig your fingers into a jar to get it out. It's pretty pricey, but I'll keep this mask in mind :)

  38. Hi hun! So what's the name of the Korres eye cream? I couldn't figure it out from the stawberrynet link :(

  39. Hey Jennifer :) I haven't read a whole lot of style books but so far I would say Lauren Conrad Style by Lauren Conrad is good for casual wear and Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour by Rachel Zoe is good if you're into glamour and vintage.

  40. foam mask! that's the first time I've ever heard of it, sounds really cool and I'd love to use it once just to try it out!

  41. I have never heard of that! But it seems like such a neat idea.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  42. No problem! Are you planning to get anything? :P
    According to There's going to be mineralized blushes in April! =X

  43. have you been to denmark ? :D great post btw! want to try a mask

  44. looks like a really good product.. i wonder if I can find that in the states. Def looks like its worth trying.

  45. Looks interesting! Love the post! Following :)

  46. OMG I totally need something like that! To even the skintone.. For some reason the skin around my eyes is always a bit darker and more redish/yellowish than the rest of my complexion. Kinda weird..

    Love the review! : D <3

  47. Do you have any Skin Care products you can recommend me? I still havent found the perfect products for me :(

  48. Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good Luck! (^_^)

  49. I loved Biotherm the first month but after then it completely dried out my skin and made me break out :S
    The toner got too much alcohol in it.

    I got some samples on some dermalogica products yesterday when i went and got my brows done, hopefully they will work. My skin is so sensitive :S

    Xoxo Christine

  50. Yeah i tried Clinique too, but not the rights products for my skin :S

  51. wahhh i wanna try this too!!! need to hunt for it!

  52. Jen, I don't think I've ever tried a foam mask.. I don't even have a HG skin care product yet :\ hehe the mousse in the picture kind of looks like a marshmallow. I love your product reviews, always very thorough!


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