Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Aura" by Swarovski x Clarins: New Fragrance and makeup launch party// 新作: Aura by Swarovski x Clarins香氛

Hello lovlies! I was honored to be invited by Douglas (Special thanks to Doug if you're reading this :)) to the "Aura by SWAROVSKI" launch party, apparently Swarovski has a collaboration with Clarins Fragrance group to invent a new perfume with crystal embellishments! And here I shall unveil the new fragrance and makeup range for ya :)

很高興獲邀出席 Aura by Swarovski的cocktail party, Swarovski與Clarins合作推出香氛 (產品當然是有水晶裝飾!). 等我揭露下當晚的party和新系列吧 :)
The party was a regional event held at Domani restaurant in Hong Kong, it adopts a lilac-toned theme.

是次party在金鐘的Domani舉行, 主題以淡紫色調為主, 配合新香氛的設計.
Dazzling and sparkling Swarovski jewelery display:
This dress blings so much I was almost blind.
這條裙bling得我差不多盲掉, 哈哈!
Representatives from Swarovski and Clarins Fragrance Group introducing the new perfume. The scent is a fruity floral one, the notes include: lychee, rose, amber, tuberose, pink pepper, white musk and benzoin.

來自Swarovski 和 Clarins Fragrance Group的代表為大家介紹新的香氛. 甜甜的花味裡帶有水果的味道, 有荔枝, 玫瑰, 琥珀, 麝香, 月下香, pink pepper 以及benzoin.
"the invention of a new fragrance is made with Passion, Patience, and Perfection."

"研製新香氛少不免要耐性, 熱誠和力求完美的心."
Live ad played on a billboard on the top of the opposite building, it's cool isn't it!

對面金鐘廊的billboard首播新香氛的廣告, 好型!
Pretty models modeling the new perfume and lip gloss necklace:

Model 率先戴上新系列裡的吊墜頸鍊, 其實是唇彩黎! 手上拎著的便是香水了.
The new fragrance and makeup range includes a body butter/cream and a necklace pendant which houses a gloss in Glistening Pink and Transparent shimmer in white (which can also be a highlighter). The line also includes a perfumed body lotion, shower gel, deodorant spray, and another makeup accessory Crystal Touch in Silver Shimmer.

同場加映的還有潤膚膏, 吊墜頸鍊唇彩, 有白色和粉紅色, 白色的亦可用作highlight, 另一款吊墜頸鍊叫 Crystal touch, 帶銀色的閃粉. 同一系列包括shower gel, body lotion, deodorant spray.
Celeb sightings ;)

Snacks that were so dainty and cute:

The "paper" with words printed on it is edible! Made of sugar.

印了字的''紙" 其實是用糖製, 可以吃的.
Very thoughtful ribbon scented with the new perfume ♥

大會給每位繫上絲帶, 都噴上了最新的香氛, 把香氣帶回家 ♥
I came home with these:

Sleek and elegant design of the bottle with a crystal embellished on the top:
User-friendly的瓶身, 很纖巧, 瓶頂鑲了水晶:
Lipgloss pendant:

Does this cute packaging remind you of cupcakes?

包裝很精緻, 令我聯想到cupcakes.
Lipgloss pendant unveiled:

I've been testing out the new scent and I instantly wore the pendant these few days, the pendant + lipgloss design was so handy for touch-ups. If you happen to come across this new perfume from Swarovski, I highly recommend you to go and have a sniff! The new range will be out on 1st April.

我戴了頸鍊數日了, 內藏唇彩和鏡子的設計很方便. 香水的味頗持久, 有機會的話大家要親自試試它的味道啊! 4月1日有售.


  1. how lucky! asian countries seem like give more opportunities to their bloggers :P
    the packaging looks so elegant! i wouldn't be able to bring myself to unwrap it so soon xD

  2. The lipgloss pendant is very pretty! ^^

  3. oh WOW~ way to go Jennifer!!
    this was the event you were telling last week~ swarovski x claris~
    its fun & luxurious!!
    the whole setup has good flair~

    the parfum bottle is sleek & with a biggie stone! i like it~

    and that pendant cum lipgloss is a MUST HAVE!pink & white stones!
    whenever your lip is dry~ just swivel and dip in! hehe

    HK functions sure are lavish!

  4. What a fun event! The lipgloss necklace is so cute. Is it heavy?

  5. wow!! I'm jealous haha :)

    jos xx

  6. I so envy you for your invitation :( I'm such a Swarovski fan and I loved all their collaborations with Dior *hugs her Cristal Boréal necklace* Hahaha, omg I need to get this stuff, especially the pendant. Nothing is better than a Swarovski x perfume/cosmetics brand, lucky you :)

  7. Look at all that bling!! *am bedazzled*

    Wanted to ask/tell you something but I totally forgot what it is whilst waiting for the comment form to load hahaha =.=

  8. Wow, am jealous! Looks like a great event. Thanks for the pics and sharing! The pendant is so cute!

  9. ooh angela tong...
    The event looks fun and the gifts looks so pretty. It's great that they are user friendly too.

    HK blogger events are soo classy. (not that uk ones aren't..)

  10. Zomg.. Awesome event! I want that dress full of bling bling! Haha. And nice goodies they gave you! Lucky girl :)

    Yeah, i need to mix #53 and #51 to get the shade for my skin.

  11. You are so lucky, that perfume and the lip gloss necklace are so cute. I hope they will be available in Norway someday, really want these :)

    Xo Christine

  12. I purchased 51 and 53 because I couldnt find 52! Lol

  13. I love this photoes.
    This dress is awesome!!
    I like also your new lipgloss ;)

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  14. WOAHH I really like the packaging! : D

    I can't help but wonder why Asian countries LOVE to use 'white girls' in their ad campaigns. O_Ô I don't mind white girls (nor Asians, obviously), but I just don't understand AT ALL.. O_O oh well!

    Thanks for your comments btw <3 You're so sweet! Haha, my to-do list only gets shorter because I moved a lot of products to my wish-list to make it LOOK as if I'm achieving something here ; D

  15. Wow! That lipgloss pendant is to DIE for! It looks so shimmery and "watery"!

  16. Hahahaha, I know right? : P I'm such a brainiac. NOT. Ohhh yes! I crossed that one out.. but then again, can you ever get ENOUGH lashes? I don't think so xD Hahah!

    YEAH! Omg me too! Saw the ad and I love it when companies 'adjust' their campaigns to Asian countries. Like over here we have Eva Longoria as a spokes person for the Lash Millionaire-mascara.. and in HK you have an Asian woman : D (I think..)

  17. Wow what an incredible event! Hope you had a fab time darling :) Totally loving the lipgloss pendant, so pretty! Haven't seen anything like that over here!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  18. How wonderful that you were able to attend such an awesome event. We don't have those here. I love that pendant! It's really pretty.


  19. I live about 2 hours by car from Cracow. In which area of Poland have u been?

  20. Swarovski's in the perfume biz now? Whoa. I adore that packaging and THAT DRESS!

  21. OMG! Everything looks amazing and so luxurious! ~~
    The event looked simply amazing, and that DRESS! The perfume and the pendant looks amazing, and I can't wait to get a waft of this sometime soon! ^_^ Lucky Jenifer!

  22. I'd like to try the fragrance! (*___*)

  23. Hmm.. Not sure about clever. I just didnt want me face to be such a different shade from my neck hehehe

  24. So pretty and your so lucky you got invited! I would love to go to one of those one day! I'm currently into fragrances right now so I'm so curious how it smells because it looks so pretty! Btw I tagged you, please come and stop by!

  25. J! would love to see your OOTD pics for this event! surely you looked lovely! :)

    those door gifts look amazing! so luxe! how do they smell like? :)

  26. Looks like such a glamorous event! That's really cool that you got invited to it :) The packaging looks so sleek and the lipgloss looks really pretty!

  27. Can I has lip gloss and perfume? *pout* hehe that party looks amazing and both the l/g & perfume look very elegant. I'm a little surprised they now have beauty items, but I wouldn't mind being spoiled by Swarovski ;)


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