Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello, Kitty Cafe!!! Purrrr // 呀貓地攤

Any animal lovers here??! Come and smell the prrrrr....Cuteness here! In the past I'd been to some dog cafes, with real puppies/dogs inside so you can play with them when you eat and drink. (NO cruelty here okay?) Then two weeks ago I visited this Kitty Cafe (called Choco Cat Cafe I believe) for a late lunch fix. There were about 10-13 cats there when we arrived. There were 2 British shorthairs waiting for us on our table XD ohmygod, you wouldn't want to wake them up right? I could literally stare at their sleep-deprived faces forever...

愛貓之人請進! 我聽過"呀貓地攤"好耐, 但前排先第一次去幫襯, 狗狗cafe我就去得多. 呀貓地攤有成10-13隻貓攤係度, 任摸任玩. 一去到就有2隻英國短毛訓左係我地張凳度, 見到佢咁可愛都唔好意思整醒佢啦, 係咪? 最鍾意就係睇佢地既訓覺樣...嘿嘿...
See how *lazy* the cat is?
I sat next to this cat (painstakingly without waking it up), it's sooo fluffy.
坐底要好小心, 唔好整醒佢丫嘛... 佢D毛好柔軟.
Er...did anyone think of "fat" when you think of British short-hairs? A few friends of mine kept British short-hairs and man...they were so plump!! hahaha

一諗起英國短毛貓就好自然聯想到"肥", 哈哈!
This shot made it looked like a human's face, like, a frowning face /__\
佢訓覺既樣好似人既煩惱樣.I'm no expert when it comes to cats, but here were two of them (a mother and a baby) cuddling.
母子/女, 好溫馨呢.
Painting on the wall, cats-related of course ;)
裝修當然係以貓為主題 ;)
Er something's not right. See the cat's hindlegs? (This is another cat btw) They're not properly stowed on his seat up there... The way he climbed to his seat up there (almost the top of a fridge) made me bewildered. He couldn't get up there without his hindlegs pushing the menu board below... he made a cracking sound, the whole shelf that supported him seem to collapse any moment. But anyway, he got there (and TWICE I saw it).

我望住佢2次好辛苦地跳上櫃頂, 用下面塊餐牌借力 (當然有巨响配合), 個架好似就黎塌咁, 我仲驚過佢 O_O 睇清楚, 佢隻後腿係未上晒去架! 真係好好野.

On each table there was a cup full of water with pebbles inside and it's for the cats to drink (another excuse they would come near you, haha)

每張台上都有一杯細水俾貓貓飲, 所以佢會隨時行埋黎.
I love the color of this cat, he has got this 'air' of he's the royal highness.
頗喜歡這隻, 毛既顏色很漂亮高貴.
Caught in the act:
Now to the food, we ordered some pasta and this cute kitten-print toast! The toast was super crunchy and is squeezed with chocolate sauce.

食物方面, 我地點左2碟意粉, 都唔錯. 之後叫了貓多士, 好鬆脆, 仲有好得意既貓樣~用朱古力醬塗上. 用煉奶同朱古力醬點黎食! D貓樣可愛到我唔想食左佢...
Pictures of every cat in the cafe stuck on the wall. I literally want to squeeze the pictures because all of them were so freaking cute.
牆上的貓貓照片, 隻隻都咁可愛!
I know what you're thinking...under the table is such a safe place to hide?
佢一定係以為無人知佢係度 =.=.....
And lastly, this cutie performed a difficult stunt: the stretch of his hind-leg, it made me think of: "Any questions?" "Yes I do!"

高難度動作 - 隻後腳伸到好高:
Doesn't it make you LMAO?
I know I'm gorgeous, but...damn have you taken enough pics of meeeeee?
夠喇夠喇! 影夠未呀你?
It has been ages since I last did a non-beauty related post :P hope you guys have fun looking at the cat pictures!


  1. OMG!! These are sooo cute!! Love them all!

    jos xx

  2. AWWWW...\(^0^)/ ~~!!! I love love love love love love love (lol, now I made it seem like I'm spamming you..XD) CATS! And those in the cafe are gorgeous! =D
    I should blog about cats too someday! Since I'm still studying, I don't hv the time to care for a cat..U_U Anyway, weren't they any fur blowing around in the air at the cafe? My cats shed lotsa fur and they got caught at the carpet, under the table and etc..

  3. awwwww the pictures are so cute! my favorite is the first cat hahaha! he looks sooooo fluffy & lazy! =))

  4. Aww, I really love cats! The big grey cat is so cute. My fave pic is definitely the one with his tongue poking out! Thanks for posting the pic x

  5. I've never heard of a kitty or puppy cafe before, how genius! I'd love to be there, it must be so fun sitting there with a cup of hot coffee, watching cats jumping on tables and sipping water, how cute!!! Awwww....

  6. Awww, how cute <3

  7. i have heard about this kind of cafe!!! BUT AHH ITS TOO CUTEEEEEEEEE :)
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

  8. I have never heard of such cafes before. And I must say - Oh my, this is way too cute to handle! I don't think I could go home, if I would be in such place *lol*

  9. I would be in heaven here! They are all beautiful!

  10. i used to hate cats when i'm younger cos' they used to steal my food :( but i adopted a kitty(mantao) last july and i adore him. all the kitty there are way to cute and fluffy.

  11. OMG I love those kitties, I finally want my own baby kitten T____T Can never get enough of staring at cats!

  12. Awww those cats are adorable <3

    I have a question about the face masks that you sent me. How long can i have them on my face? And how often can i use them? :)

    Xoxo Christine

  13. Aww : ( I miss my cat now.. He died two years ago. -whine-

  14. Oh my gosh this place is soooo freakin awesome!!!! Awwww the cuteness! LMAO at your fab pics huny :) wish they would do kitty cafes here!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  15. omg I LOVE Cat Cafes!! The cats are soooo cute!! Love them so much *Q* such a nice post... thanks for sharing!!! I love ur non-beauty-related posts a lot too^^ please make more!!!

  16. Hello Jennifer, thanks for reading my post. Yes, I have tried the Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate, and it is AMAZING, a lot better than the spot treatment. I have a full review on it from previous post, you can check that out^0^.

  17. it's so fluffy I'M GONNA DIE! (movie reference :P)
    I'm not a bit cat person but sometimes it is hard to deny that they are cute!

    I can't wait to hear about people finish more products! It's so exciting :P I think I'm going to finish a lot this month actually ^__^

  18. Sooo CUTE OMG!! I want to go to one looks like so much fun hehe Britsh Shorthairs are soo cute they seem so lazy I really want a scottish fold cat.

  19. hahaha im more of a dog person but the cats are so adorable and fluffy i applaud you for not squishing them! hehe just kidding :P

    i def. enjoyed this post, super cute photos! you captured really cute moments! :)

  20. OMGosh! They are soooo cute! That's cool you guys have a place like that around! I'm jealous, I want to go to a cafe with kittens and puppies to play with, how fun!

  21. Ahh this is such a cute idea! I love cats hehe :D Wouldn't this technically be a health sanitation though to have so many cats walking around the cafe? :P

  22. oops I meant "a violation of health sanitation codes" :P

  23. I am a total animal lover! Especially cats and dogs and this cafe is so interesting! The cats are so cute and fluffy!

    I am yet to try the Shu base.. I hope it works well for me. I didn't know it was out on the market for quite a while now.. I'm really slow with keeping upto date. haha

  24. Wow sounds like a fun place! We don't have anything like this here... hehe~ Were all the cats friendly?

    What is Natto? :X

  25. That cat is sooo cute. I just want to squeeze it!

  26. the cats are soo cute!! i wanna go to the dog cafes!!! recently got converted into liking cats by my "estate lobby cat" hehe so cats will be second! hehe have you tried hugging the cats? i always wanted to try but afraid they will scratch cos they seems to like to play by swiping their paws haha...

  27. We don't have cafes like this here so I find this so fascinating. I hope that I can go to one in Japan this summer.

    Just in case you don't go back to read my reply...Hime chan chose the names for the giveaway by picking up a paper and running away with it. I had to catch her to get the name. I then swished the names around again and she ran and picked out another name.


  28. We have cat cafes in Japan too but I've never been to one....

    I loooove this post. Kitties behaving like royalty....indeed! The chocolate cat toast is too cute...

  29. aww so cute! especially the toast haha

  30. That's such an adorable place to go to, Jen! Thanks for sharing!

    Those kitties are sooooo amazing!

  31. adorable :)
    thanks for sharing!! x

  32. Purr-fectly cute! *^_^* I have a dog (and bird) now but I grew up with a cat.

    (This may sound crazy but all I really want is a good serum. Have any recs? :)

  33. omgoossh that is way to cute!

  34. LOL at the last three pics! I love it when my dogs make funny poses like that :D

  35. Following you now, by the way. Love your blog :D

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  37. Dear Jen, I SUPER enjoy this post!! haha definitely cruelty-free :D All the kitties are adorable.. love how they all have their own character and personality. I've never been to a cat cafe before.. but I wouldn't mind. I could watch cats for hours :)

    As for the weather here.. when I took my White Rabbit photos it was only one very very lucky day of sun out of that cold rainy week.. hehe yeah San Francisco weather is for the most part cool, rarely get hot weather :|

  38. wow!! lovely photos. and that kitty is sooooooo purry cute!!! ^_____^

  39. A cat cafe, how cute!!! Are there any cats with longer fur?

  40. cute cats :)
    new follower here! :)

  41. Very cute cat!!
    I love cats too!

  42. Adorable photos! Too bad I hate cats... LOL... I'm a dog lover..hehe

  43. Awwwwww how cute!! :D LOOOL the kitten-print toast is so funny, I love it ;) x


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