Sunday, April 17, 2011

Born Pretty Store Review// Born Pretty Store 產品試用

This is a review on Born Pretty Store's nail art products, this post is long overdue because I've been extremely busy (hence not blogging frequently), plus putting on different nail polishes and removing them frequently aren't good for the nails! It took me a while to test out the following products they sent over: 2 nail top coats with glitters, a set of 10 pieces of nail decoration stickers; a palette of nail decoration half-pearls; a palette full of kawaii nail decoration objects; and a palette filled with deliciously-looking nail decoration pieces.

Born Pretty Store 是間專賣nail art,指甲油, 彩繪/裝飾的網上店, 本人用了很久才可以把它寄過來的東西試勻! 經常塗+去掉甲油對指甲很不健康的, 所以便試了很久. 今次用過的有2支topcoat, 都是有閃粉/閃片的, 另外還有一些珍珠片指甲裝飾, 3D指甲裝飾貼紙, 和3D甲面甜品裝飾.

First I decided to use a deep ruby red nail polish from Jill Stuart (mini-size given to me from a friend) to pair with the glitter top coat:

我先用Jill Stuart的一隻迷你版酒紅色甲油作底色:
The Gold Glitter topcoat which I will layer on:
The dark ruby red color is stunning itself but after adding the Glitter Gold Art Enamel Gel Paint, instant glamour <3 Also I noticed the glitter topcoat itself is like a kaleidoscope just by looking at the bottle. The effect of the topcoat makes my nails look like they've a 'gel' layer on them. Thumbs-up on this Glitter Gold Art Enamel Gel Paint.

我用了酒紅色去突出個金色Topcoat, 好Glamorous, 加了Topcoat之後同後真係好大分別.

The second topcoat I picked was the Star Silver Art Gel Paint:


I randomly pulled a nail polish shade from Bourjois, which is a creamy nude shade as a base.


Topping it with the Star Silver Art Gel Paint:


The Star Silver paint fairs less well than the Gold Glitter one, as you can see in the pic below, the glitters are very fine and you need to take a really close look in order to notice them. But I suppose using a darker color as base would make the effect more obvious. I have figured that these glitter gel coats work best with darker colored polishes.

至於個銀色星星Topcoat, 搽了都不太覺有閃粉, 因為閃粉都比較幼細, 個人認為與底色比較淺色的原因有關. 如果以深色作底色就會好看得多!

Next up is the palette of half-pearls decorations:

I used a shimmery black polish as the base colored and used the white half-pearls to line and decorate, for some reason the black and the pearl going together reminds me of a luxury brand ;) This palette has various colors of half-pearls pieces so there would be something for everyone, from elegant styles like in this demo to cute-ish ones when paired with girly colors (see below for another demo).

用了深黑色微閃的顏色作底色, 然後用了白色的珍珠片作線條, 黑+珍珠白拼在一起令我想起某名牌子 ;) 一盒裡有很多顏色, 由成熟到可愛的style都可以做到.

Now the exciting bit! How cute is this palette full of desserts/sweets decorations pieces?! And most importantly, these are 3D, haha!!

主菜來了! 它就是3D甲面甜品裝飾組合了.

I figured a more girly color would look best with these desserts decoration pieces, here's how they looked! And I used the half-pearls from above to decorate as well. The dessert motif is just too sweet to look at.

我想甜品主題的裝飾應配些可愛女孩系的顏色如粉紅及紅色, 我亦用了珍珠片作裝飾, 下圖的demo絕對不難弄!
Lastly, the Flower 3D Nail Art Tips Decoration Stickers. I had a hard time choosing which pattern/print to use, there were just too many to choose from.

最後便是3D指甲裝飾貼紙, 有無數款色可選, 選擇很困難, 哈!

I used some stick-on nails to do the demo: here I used the flowery 3D decoration stickers, the Gold Glitter enamel coat, and the Star Silver gel paint. The effect looks like the nails have undergone 'gel' treatment at some nail spa boutiques! I'm surprised how well these items worked together in this lady-like nail-do.

我最終用了可貼上指甲的甲片, 下圖使用了帶閃片的金色topcoat, 銀色星星topcoat, 3D花花貼紙, 有否留意效果與 gel 甲十分似??? 估不到3項產品加起上來的效果很lady-like!

To conclude, I'm pretty impressed by how versatile the Gold Glitter topcoat is (workable with just any color!) but I'd advise second thoughts on the Star Silver one because it's showing itself very humbly in pictures. The flowery nail deco stickers are such a steal (10 big pieces of decoration stickers at under $5 USD...hello?) and most importantly they're ideal for lazy folks like me to do konading LOL. The 3D dessert decorations are cute and sweet to look at, I wonder if there are any other motifs of 3D decos besides the dessert items. The half-pearls can play up the elegance of dark colors yet could add cuteness with paler/pastel colors in my opinion. If you're going for something unique, I'd really recommend the Gold Glitter topcoat and the 3D dessert decorations.

個人最喜歡金色閃片的topcoat (和任何顏色都配搭得很好!), 但銀色星星那支的效果不太明顯. 一份10張的花花貼紙款色多得眼花瞭亂, $40 HKD左右已經有10張, 最重要的是適合懶人使用 XD 至於珍珠片, 我認為都很多用途, 配深色底色的話很elegant, 配粉彩系顏色的話也可以很girly/可愛系.


  1. beautiful nail art :)
    loving the first look!! x

  2. SOO KIUUTTT!! =D We don't have 3D nail stuff here! Or probably I didn't look close enough..haha..but super super cute. I wouldn't be able to stop staring at my own nails..=D
    Honestly, that's the most eye catching ruby red I've seen! So gorgeous! ^^
    nice review. I would be over the moon with these if I do my nails.. =)

  3. So pretty!!! Love them! Especially the pale pink nails with star silver paint. Really adorable.

  4. i like how you worked with decorating and colour combos! glitter is so hard to remove but definitely pretty to wear.

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  6. jennifer your nails are gorgeous! whats the name of the bourjois nailpolish? i adore it!!

  7. Okay.. why didn't I reply to your comments in the above comment? *scratches head* oh well..

    Saya is doing fine! : D She got so big!! When looking at the old photos of her on the blog and then looking at her now, she's grown so much! I think she's a teen now though >_>" She tends to get really cranky. LOL

    And I hope you get to watch the video at some point <3 It'd mean a lot to me : D

  8. very cool :D love those cute little candy looking thingies!

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