Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ABAD Day 25: Melliesh blush in #03//"每日一胭脂"系列 第25天: Melliesh 03 胭脂

Today's ABAD features a very very cool pink blush from Japanese drugstore brand Melliesh. As much as I love lilac hues, I've always had a heart for barbie pinks. My blush phase went like this: first the obsession over peaches and oranges, later corals, then lilacs, then pinks and cool pinks...I hope I won't end up with browns/plums or bronzey colors!

今天的文介紹日本開架品牌Melliesh. 雖然紫色調的胭脂是我的至愛, 但barbie的粉紅顏色我是絕對喜歡的. 次序大概是這樣的: 我先喜歡蜜桃/橙色, 然後是珊瑚色, 接著是紫色, 然後到粉紅...希望我不會喜歡上啡色/深紅那些顏色吧!

The packaging is pretty minimal I'd say, and it feels a bit bulky too!

I almost thought I saw a bit of pale purple tones in this blush, but maybe that's just me.


I applied more than necessary in this pic, LOL. This blush is pretty pigmented with a swipe or two but for some reason the camera couldn't quite capture it, so I had to apply more for photo-taking purposes.

在下圖看到的顏色都是掃得太多才會這樣的. 胭脂本身掃1-2下已經非常顯色, 但相機不太能捕捉, 所以為了影相效果而塗多了.

Intensity: pretty high
Finish: tiny shimmer
Price: $10 USD
Lasting power: 5-6 hours
Repurchase: no
Overall thoughts: The plastic packaging, when removed upon initial use, is pretty but the actual compact is pretty bulky and minimalist = not attractive at all. As for the shade itself, it's quite cool-toned so it might be difficult to work on some skintones. There are 6 colors released in this range (one is a highlighter and another is for contouring), so the remaining 4 shades aren't very diversified colors I'd say.

效果: 小量閃粉
價錢: $10 USD
持久度: 5-6 小時
回購: 不會
總評: 透明塑膠包裝比較單調和厚, 老實說不太討好. 顏色方面, 這類粉紅不是每個人都能夠carry的. 雖然Melliesh胭脂系列有6種顏色 (1款用來作highlight, 另1款用來作瘦面效果), 其餘4種色的選擇不夠多.

What is A-Blush-A-Day (ABAD) Project?
On each day, each of us will present a different blush (old or new) we used each day (so that's 4 x 30 = 120 blushes), with swatches done either on face or on hand, and a short review. For my list of 30 blushes to be used in this project, click here. Don't forget to head to Elaine's, Vonvon's, PopBlush's blogs for daily blush surprises!

我們每天會介紹當日使用的胭脂, 4人 x 30 = 會介紹總共 120 個胭脂 (新與舊), 配以試色圖(於手上或面上), 再加短短的用評. 本人於未來30天會使用這些胭脂. 去 Elaine, Vonvon, PopBlush 的blogs看看她們在用那個胭脂吧!!


  1. so pretty. super bright in the pan but gorgeous on the cheeks. i <3 melliesh blushes.
    LOL i don't think you'll be trying the brown/plums or bronzey blushes any time soon. that's so funny.. my blush obsession started with baby/rosy pinks, lilacs and now corals ... but i'm sure it'll go back to light pinks and start all over again =)

  2. cute color but i dont think i can pull it off too.. thanks for the swatches

  3. To me it also looks like it has a bit of purple :)

  4. Raspberry cookie, yes? *nom nom* :O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. Haven't tried anything from this brand, but the pink is so sweet.

  6. The Japanese "drugstore" brands offer so many wonderful colours and modern textures, I wish our local affordable brands were the same! They've been making the same blush formulas for over 20 years :(


  7. This blush looks really cute! I also had blush phases, like raspberry pink --> dark orange --> baby pink --> lavender pink --> orange --> coral XD

  8. Really cute pink but might be too cool for those with warm skin tones. :)

  9. i can see some purple understones in it too. :3 but this is a really pretty blush! ^_^

  10. HAHAHA I caught the light in a lucky angle, actually! Cause I got this big zit on the side of my nostril O_O" it's SO BIG. I never get 'big' zits. They usually just get very red, so they look big. But this one is like a CRATER on my face! >_<"

    I looooove this blush! *_* the sheen is beautiful! Like... a better version of Pink Swoon! or a more vibrant pink version of Tickled Pink!

    Awhhh : ( COME TO DENMARK <3 Denmark misses you!

  11. wow! you are so diligent with these blog posts! I love this color what a lovely pink blush and so pigmented too! Have you tried anything else of Melliesh?


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