Sunday, May 15, 2011

ABAD Day 28: Canmake Powder Cheeks Blush in PW20//"每日一胭脂"系列 第28天: Canmake PW20 胭脂

Canmake Powder Cheeks blush range holds a variety of colors, but the variety exists within 'pinks' mostly. I picked up PW20 because it is used the most by Lena (model for Canmake). The color is supposedly ideal for creating the innocent angelic pink look.

Canmake 的粉狀胭脂顏色選擇有很多, 但多數顏色都屬於粉紅系. 我選了 PW20 是因為是Lena的常用色, 用來凝造天使粉紅的面頰應該是不錯的.

Flimsy plastic packaging and crappy quality brush aside, the color itself is beautiful and angelic. I found pigmentation to be a bit on the sheer side, the swatch below is after 3-5 swipes.

簡單包裝, 沒有用的掃子暫不提, 顏色是挺漂亮的. 惟不太上色, 下圖的試色是掃了3-5下才出現.

Intensity: Low in pigmentation
Finish: shimmery
Price: $9-10 USD
Lasting power: 3-4 hours
Repurchase: no
Overall thoughts: The color works nicely, but the flimsy packaging is difficult to open, brush that comes with the blush is of no utility value. Pigmentation is low/sheer. Longevity is lacking.

效果: 帶閃粉
價錢: $9-10 USD
持久度: 3-4 小時
回購: 不會
總評: 顏色方面是可以接受的. 但包裝太單薄了, 很難開啟, 隨盒的掃子沒有用途, 顯色度低, 不持久.

What is A-Blush-A-Day (ABAD) Project?
On each day, each of us will present a different blush (old or new) we used each day (so that's 4 x 30 = 120 blushes), with swatches done either on face or on hand, and a short review. For my list of 30 blushes to be used in this project, click here. Don't forget to head to Elaine's, Vonvon's, PopBlush's blogs for daily blush surprises!

我們每天會介紹當日使用的胭脂, 4人 x 30 = 會介紹總共 120 個胭脂 (新與舊), 配以試色圖(於手上或面上), 再加短短的用評. 本人於未來30天會使用這些胭脂. 去Elaine, Vonvon, PopBlush 的blogs看看她們在用那個胭脂吧!!


  1. The color is really pretty but poor staying power and flimsy packaging is not a good combo. :(

  2. That looks a little like MAC Well Dressed to me, on the swatch photo :)
    Very Pretty x

    Make-Up for Biochemists

  3. I found the blush lasts longer on my cheeks!! Maybe I just put more of it on... ;))) Anyways,I love this blush, cheap and they light reflecting, cute pink color is great!

  4. Love love LOVE the sheen of this blush! : D it's GORGEOUS! I really wanted to try Canmake blushes, but back when I ordered the stuff for the giveaway, I just never got around to buying stuff for myself as well xD

    Did any of your entries/comments disappear? D: All my 18 beautiful comments on my last entry are gone! -cries-

  5. So what's the deal with you and your cookie looking blushes, hmm? Now I'm hungry again! >:O

  6. It is a very sweet color on you! I was thinking buying these Canmake powder blushes. I have the loose powder ones and it's okay although I'm finding that I really prefer cake foundations.


  7. So pretty! I love the pretty color! But its no use if its too sheer! =(

  8. whoa the color of this one is pretty,, but too bad that it's too sheer ..

  9. That shade is really pretty on swatched :D

    I remember not purchasing this because of the packaging.
    I don't mind sheer-ness or crappy brushes, but lack of longevity and flimsy packaging are no-go's for me.

  10. i have this blush too and i agree with what you said haha! :)


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