Sunday, March 10, 2013

A stroll in Tropical Paradise

This spring season I'm officially dazzled by the colorful offerings from the latest Swarovski collection - aptly named Tropical Paradise. This season is filled with colors inspired from rivers, flamingos, and ladybirds.

Those collars up and below have caught the eyes of every guest at the event - the two pieces scream "Statement"! Some may think colorful accessories embellished with crystals are difficult to match with their clothes, but I think the opposite. It's exactly the boredom of office-safe monotone clothes that make these pieces stand out. 

I'm totally in love with the pink bracelet above, too!

How adorable are the earrings!!

Even though I'm a bit afraid of insects and such, these two necklaces with ladybird motif are just breathtaking. I particularly like the green setup of this product display for this season!

The white bracelet above will capture everyone's eyes whenever you move your hand. I. NEED. THIS. Why, this bracelet will become an excellent match with any outfit.

Also the black bracelet below that flows like a river cascade. I need this. Period.

The gorgeous models showcasing the latest pieces, I love their vibrantly hued outfits!

Some exotic dance performance by a group of sexy ladies:

Mystery guest: the singer group TWINS - Gillian Chung on the left and Charlene Choi on the right, sharing their styling tips with the guests.

Extra perk: If you make a purchase at Swarovski, be sure to mention the secret number "226" and you'll get a surprise gift! Now if you would excuse me, I need to stop by the store to get the charming bangle in white and pink.....and maybe that thick black bangle too! 


  1. The collars look mighty heavy! Did you get to try them?

    1. I was wearing a scarf the day I went there ^^" so there's really no point to try it on my clothes LOL!


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