Saturday, April 27, 2013

Uniqlo Flagship store opening in heart of Causeway Bay NOW!

On Thursday 25th April the Uniqlo flagship store opening at LEE Theatre in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The store unveiled at the heart of the shopping district and is 3-storey high, once you stepped in you could easily spend an hour there! I remember the days when I traveled to Japan with my family, we bought back tons of Uniqlo items, bright colors, comfy fitting, Uniqlo has it all. 

To celebrate the 37,500 square feet store opening, some items were on special price, like the colorful Jeggings above and the bright Men's Polo shirts below:

The store has a glass panel next to the elevators with mannequins traveling up and down to showcase the latest pieces, it felt like a museum!

Special items created for the new store opening: Uniqlo Tees for HK$79 each.

Bright and cheerful colors - I screamed summer instantly.

The president giving a speech at the opening event...

...and the 4 Uniqlo spokespersons sharing their styling tips with us, the famous actress/singer Miriam Yeung and actor Shawn Yue, HK athletes Sarah Lee and Wong Kam Po. I really adore the simple black one-piece and button-up shirt that Miriam was wearing, and her bob hair!

This whole floor is devoted to ladies wear and a bit of kids' wear as well. Uniqlo does collaborations with various brands from all walks of life - including Disney Pixar, Hello Kitty, Laduree Paris (the macarons!), Lulu Guinness, Green Gate, Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely, etc. The collection I remembered the most was the Barbie collection, and the collection with various Japanese cosmetics brands like Canmake, Lavshuca (HEY I'm a beauty blogger don't forget!). This season Uniqlo is sporting some peplum favourite!

Electronic display screens throughout the store:

My best picks from Uniqlo are their Heat Tech undergarments for winter (they are good at retaining heat!), fluffy home-wear slippers, button-up business shirts, cardigans (they have an amazing array of colors available!), Jeggings, and some Disney Pixar Tees! Uniqlo makes great quality and affordable clothes and their latest collaboration was done with "Leur Logette", "Double Standard Clothing" and "Plumpynuts" brands. Go check out their store and I reckon you'll end up with a basket of clothings to take home!


  1. Ooo, thanks for sharing the behind the scene photos! I went today, it was crazy! What a big queue just to go inside!

    Did you buy anything? xx

    1. I haven't bought anything yet - but am eyeing the electric blue jeggings :D :D :D did you buy anything??

  2. ahhhh, looks so bigggg :D !! can't wait to go there and see it with my own eyes.. and cool that you saw shawn yue and miriam yeung =D

    1. hehe when are you coming to hk again?? :D the store was freaking BIGGGGG!


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