Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TALIKA sets foot at Facesss, LAB Concept!

Fans of French skincare & body care expert brand TALIKA would be excited to know they are opening up a new store at LAB Concept, Admiralty. I have been fascinated by the brand ever since their "Smile & Kiss" Lip Plumping & Teeth Whitening came into my radar as a beauty blogger! They're introducing a new product - a slimming machine operated with ultra red light waves and ultrasound. Seriously?

My impression of TALIKA is that it's always been at the epitome of marrying high-tech scientific inventions and beauty at the same time. So many of you might have heard of the beauty industry using snail slime, stem cell, gold leaf /flecks in skincare. But did anyone really give a thought on how body products can be "re-invented"? Who would have thought the use of ultra light and sound can be incorporated into our daily skin and body care regimen (with the exception of going for facial/slimming treatments AT A SPA/SALON)? This little machine, with a size no bigger than a palm, is going to rock many people's socks I tell ya.

It works beautifully with the Photo-Beauty Therapy line - which also was inspired by Light Therapy, aka the significance/use of light in skincare products to help skin heal and recover itself. The difference is that with this little machine, it'll help breakdown the fatty tissues and achieve the results of slimming. This is what I call 'slimming at home, not at spa', you can do it with almost everywhere on your skin you wish to slim (except the upper half of your face), and all it takes is just a couple minutes. I have only tried it briefly at the counter and it already made many people go WOW. If I have this machine at home, the first thing I do is to put it near my waist, haha!

This little machine above also took its inspiration from Light Therapy, it *gasps* helps reduce lines and wrinkles after a month's use; reduce the appearance of dark pigmentation after two months' use, and its proven to have no side-effects. Again, I have not tried this consecutively over that period of time to report back to you its effectiveness, but the idea of such a machine itself is downright impressive. Who'd have thought what most women want is accessible in such a tiny machine?

Above & Below: Celeb sightings, together with TALIKA rep

Unfortunately I do not have the machine with me to go home test with, BUT keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming review on a cult favourite: Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel. Currently I've put this classic product under testing and will report again once I see satisfactory results!

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