Thursday, August 1, 2013

True Religion Brand Jeans F/W 2013

A few days ago I had the pleasure to attend the F/W 2013 preview at True Religion store at IFC Level 3. I'm never big on jeans because I can't wear them to work, for one, secondly I'd rather wear dresses on weekends instead of pants. Yet, the latest collection arriving at True Religion store had me re-considering the jeans option again.

Here's the model showcasing the Black Smoke top fitted with Blackwell jeans, Blackwell jeans have 15 kinds of gems and studs at the waist, its truly stunning if you're going after a rock n roll theme.

This is the Eyelid Vest, sleeveless and embellished with metal pin-holes.

Foil-print jeans called "Tear Drop", its look slightly resembled some kind of animal print too:

This jean has PU infused to it at the brims, a total hit for this F/W: 

Skinny jeans ornated with studs on the sides with crytals, I'm lusting after this one because it's low-key with a twist:

This pair of jeans shows a red interior when rolled up on the sleeves. It has a relaxing boyfriend cut, called "Sweet Tobacco".

If you pay attention to True Religion jeans normally, their seams are boldly embroidered, sometimes with colors. They are all embroidered with a horseshoe logo at the back pockets:

However, the latest collection "Made In Italy"featured a subtler embroidered seams. Not only the bold colored seams are nowhere to be seen, but the horseshoe logo is gone from the exterior. Instead, the logo is sewn in the interior of the back pockets (see below). When you wear and sit on the jeans, wash a few times, the horseshoe print will "reveal" itself slowly, thus making everyone's pair different.

The model is wearing the eyelid vest with "Sand Drifter" skinny jeans:

Up close, you will see the animal print (in yellow and green) being on the sides.

I know people who collect jeans and have >100 pairs at their closets, I can imagine for those, True Religion brand jeans will be what they needed in their collection. The brand had taken jeans to the next level, color and cuts aren't enough anymore, more playful designs like studs and interior sewing, foil-print, crystals, PU are the next big thing!

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  1. Wow, I'm so glad you shared this post! Actually, I'm always on the lookout for unique looking jeans haha. I have enough pairs of blues/black jeans - so I'm looking for more printed ones! The tear drop ones look so nice!!! xx


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