Monday, September 30, 2013

Emptied products in September

I went a bit crazy in September with all the new goodies coming out, lol so I've been a bit more diligent in cleaning out stuff during the month. Here are the results:

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - Finished it a while ago, still have one bottle to go. I'm trying to stay away from mineral oil based cleansing oils and DHC is one of those. Will not repurchase in future but let's see how long I can stick to using micellar solutions.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Night Cream - This doesn't really sink in to skin so it left a sticky residue behind. I tried using it up and applied it on my legs instead but could still feel the sticky-ness. No no.

MAC Pearl Glide Eyeliner in Designer Purple - I used to use it a lot and then put it aside. When I picked it up again it was pathetically DRIED UP. It couldn't draw a consistent line from the start to the end, and the texture had hardened so that chunks keep falling off as I draw on my hand. Regrettably, this has to go.

The Body Shop White Musk Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel - I hoarded 3 bottles of this and used up 1. The scent is soooo comforting and is particularly great for cold winter months. The shower stand NEEDS to have one bottle of this all year around.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser - This is a runny gel type cleanser, it doesn't really foam up densely so it is gentle to use everyday (review here). However its ingredients isn't all that natural so I'll not be repurchasing it.

Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil - highly raved HERE. I've asked for 3 more bottles of this (1 is a gift).

Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 cleanser - I bought a full sized of this due to my dry and sensitive skin at the moment, this is gentle enough.

NUXE Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Makeup Removing Gel - This is far too overly fragranced. It's gel in consistency but can still foam up a bit, interestingly. I don't particularly like it.

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Eye Cream - An eye cream sample lasts forever. This is more for tightening and firming around the eye area and it was so-so, not particularly remarkable. I've recently taken a stash pic of all the eye creams I have and it might just shock everyone if I posted it...

Nature's Gate Chamomile Replenishing Shampoo - As I'm slowly switching to less artificial/chemical products, I picked up this shampoo due to its lack of SLS and parabens. After 1 wash, you can feel your hair is lightened up (weight) considerably. After 3-4 washes (and no hair treatment/oil/conditioning afterwards), my hair started to tie up in knots...however it went on fine if I use MoroccanOil hair treatment after washing. As I learned that MoroccanOil has substantial amount of silicones in it, I'll be on the lookout for leave-in oil treatments from now on. But this shampoo does a great job in purging the build-up from your hair.

Caudalie Shower Gel Trio - This came in a box set and I"m going to count this trio as a full size item. I bought it just to try out how Des Vignes smell like (I ended up liking it but the fragrance isn't sold here). Zeste de Vigne was a dash of citrus and bergamot but nothing too remarkable. For Fleur de Vigne I had remembered using a full size of it 3 years ago, I liked the scent. All three doesn't foam up densely and is very mild (irritation-free for sensitive skin). A 75ml bottle tube doesn't last more than 8 uses.

Sofina Beaute Makeup Cleansing Gel - reviewed HERE recently. Not the greatest but is good for beginners exploring makeup removing gels.

Kiehl's Calendula Alcohol-free Toner - talked about it loads before. Still a few sample bottles to go through!

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Solution (Jumbo Size) - reviewed HERE. Am trying to stick to micellar solutions instead of cleansing oils due to congested skin condition at the moment. Below is a comparison of the pump dispenser cap and the normal pour-out cap. It might seem more convenient to use the pump but really is not. The solution will spritze everywhere if the cotton pad isn't put at the right location. I simply gave up and prefer the normal pour-out style cap. The one with the cutesy figure is a Limited Edition bottle.


Unknown korean brand baby wet wipes - These are great value for money, got this from a grocery store. It was mediocre though - I did not use it to remove makeup.

Kose Sekkisei Cleansing Cream - powerfully fragranced and leaves a weird feeling after rinsing (it's not entirely greasy but I couldn't quite describe it). It's made up of XYZ glycols and parabens I think. Luckily it was a deluxe sample size.

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation N - Currently going through bottles and bottles of this (review HERE). It's medium in coverage and a bit thick, so a spray of face mist to the foundation blob might help with spreading the foundation on your face.

Giorgio Armani Luminessence Essence in Lotion - Basically a toner. Did not notice any difference in skin tone / dullness. 

My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask and Bird's Nest Mask - These are mediocre, and close to expiry.

DHC Eye Masks - These are regular consumables, talked about it loads previously.

Jack Black Ginger & Grapefruit Lip Balm (TOSSED) - Ordered this unseen and untried together with a few other flavours, did not like it as much as expected (the hype). Sara Happ Lip Slip Balm does a MUCH better job at hydrating lips.

SANA Hadanomy Aquaplacenta Cream (TOSSED) - Yes you read it, placenta. But don't ask me where it came from, not sure if I want to know, lol. This aquaplacenta line is thicker and therefore a bit more greasy than the collagen line (I used up the pink jar about a year ago). I don't like how it felt on the skin, it doesn't really sink in, unlike the pink jar I used to have.

O'Shea Virgin Shea Butter (TOSSED) - Blogged about it before. It's strictly 100% concentrated virgin shea butter without any fragrance or additives, it smells so natural that some may not like the nutty smell. I have no problems with the smell but the shelf life is not as long as I expected (less than a year). Unfortunately this jar had expired before I can use it up, it's great for applying to cracked skin like heels or elbows.

Here's the total for 2013 so far:

Full Size: (32) +  10  = 42
Deluxe Samples (57) + 9 = 66
Small / Packet Samples: (68) + 0  = 68
Masks: (73) + 5 = 78
Tossed: (12) + 3 = 15


  1. Woohoo - so many empties. Well done! I do like Caudalie's shower gels but it is so pricey for me to buy from the online store in Japan. I thought it was based in Japan but it turned out that the products are flown in from France so the shipping cost was so high. Cannot justify a regular habit and there are other lovely shower gels to be had locally.

    1. Hello Yuming, I found that Caudalie's shower gels are soap-free so it doesn't really foam up that much, so I tended to use more than a regular shower gel made of foaming agents. :S the sacrifices of using 'less artificial' products!

  2. I like the nuxe gel wash, not too over-powering for my taste. So sweet that I don't mind using one big bottle and having one as back-up. I also have the pump bioderma and not yet even opened it... no wonder they now go back to the old design. (i think?)

    1. Hello Jacq! I found all NUXE products to smell really strong to my nose :P The bioderma pump design is sold in their limited boxed set i think?? the regular "a la carte" one is the old design, anyways sometimes I"d say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" to re-packaging of brands!

  3. Is it just me or are Caudalie skin care just not as great as so many people say?? I've been brutally disappointed by the few that I tried.

    And you're the only person who doesn't like those Jack Black lip balms!

    1. Hi Liz - I have the same opinion as you - always wondered if it was just me or what. Glad we found the perfume we both like then!!!


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