Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Skin Tonic review

I wrote about the Renewing Rose Cleanser from Aromatherapy Associates earlier on HERE, and I mentioned that thou will see better effects when using it together with the Rose Skin Tonic. Today I'm bringing you the review of the toner from the same (Hydrating) line.

The toner is 200ml in size and also comes with a pump dispenser, it's really handy and practical in terms of packaging. The smell of this toner is wonderful, it smells of rose (not the bitter kind) and has superb hydrating ability, I love using this tonic more than any other toners I've used, and am seriously considering stocking this up. Its ingredients are rather simple, just 4 elements on the list you see. The rose water is said to be distilled from rose petals. This reminds me of a product category called 'hydrosol'. 

Back to the product, it gives my skin a cooling effect, and it makes my skin feels so fresh and supple. It leaves no trace behind and any lotions and creams or oils are readily absorbed afterwards. I pump 2-3 times onto a cotton pad and swipe it on my face. It's almost as if I've stepped out of a spa with my face well taken care of, and I don't say this easily to any random products I use. This skin toner is a complete winner in my books and the best I've used by far.

I've come across this range of products in a trip to a facial salon/spa before and I'm really excited I can buy the range off the internet and continue the luxury feeling at home! I hope they will come up with more skincare value sets.


  1. Hi Jen! I haven't been reading you in ages-- how have you been?

    It's wonderful to find a product that works well on for our skin! Extra bonus if it helps you feel you've just been professionally pampered. Nice, detailed review on this toner. I trust its meant for the most sensitive skin as it only has very few ingredients.

    1. Yes less is more! Am totally buying it again. I'm doing OK - hope the coming year will be a better one! long time no see :)

  2. Ooooh do you think you can decant it into a spritzer bottle and turn it into a mist? Bringing it around and misting everywhere would be heavenly~ Imagine all those roses enveloping you!

    1. Yes Blair there is a mist sold separately: http://www.beautybay.com/skincare/aromatherapyassociates/rosehydratingmist/

      I also have this and likes to mix it with my liquid foundie!! Same smell as the tonic :)


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