Saturday, February 22, 2014

AHAVA Time to Clear Eye Makeup Remover review

This is by far one of the worst packaged eye makeup removers I"ve come across - besides the old Boots No7 dual-phase I found in the UK a few years ago (I imagine they would've changed their packaging as of now already). As I'm close to finishing this AHAVA remover (you'll see its appearance at the February empties post), I thought I"ll give it a short mention here.

Enter AHAVA Time to Clear Eye Makeup Remover.

This bottle houses 125ml of product, which is pathetically small for its price, but that's not really the point, most high-end brands release eye makeup removers with an even higher price tag. So what's the rub with this you ask?

Packaging is a twist-off cap. I mean OMG look at that gigantic hole, it's a CRIME. Every time I put a cotton pad on the hole and slant the bottle to soak the cotton with the content, A LOT of the liquid goes on to the cotton pad and it was too wet to wipe it on the eyes, meaning, the bottle design makes it a bit wasteful when you use it. The result? I'm close to finishing it after merely 2 WEEKS. I finish a bottle of about this size usually in a month or 1.5 month's time. But THIS? It's a crime. And I blame the packaging.

Also the dual-phase easily separates, so you end up shaking the bottle a few times during makeup removal...and you know, twisting back the cap to shake and screwing it off again IS troublesome if you do it a few times in a row.

So how does it perform as an eye makeup remover? Mediocre: not that oily, doesn't sting, but it isn't the easiest to use either. I used up more cotton pads than usual with other kinds of removers. I'm SO GLAD to be done with this!

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