Saturday, June 27, 2009

Review: Maybelline Pure Mineral Blush in N01 Original Rose

This is an 'accidental' buy, I went in the stores to get a deodourant, but they're out of stock, so I turned to the Maybelline shelves...Recalling what I have seen in the other reviewer's blog...I didn't really think much before I ended up buying this. First I was a bit disappointed as I found it not pigmented, but I tried it again, with the original kabuki brush that came along with the box, using more of the blush powder, finally I see the results!!

My cheeks look healthy like when I applied my Dior Coral Riviera :)! My dad asked me when he got home: did you go sunbathing today? Me: No! (And today was rainy and didn't see the sun coming out, :D)

This shade looks healthy on me, a perked up kind of cheeks. What I like most is that this is not entirely pink, nor entirely peachy. It's coral kind of color IMO. I like corals!!!

Those of you who use Mineral blush/makeup, I have a question: do you have to use the kabuki brush to really make the product perform better? Or whether using other non-kabuki brushes doesn't matter (as long as it's not crappy)????

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  1. Apparently the bristles on Kabuki brushes are far more dense than a powder/blush brush, hence they pick up more of the mineral which gives slightly more pigmentation. But IMO you can use any kind of brush so long it doesn't shed hairs LOL.


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