Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review: Benefit One Hot Minute loose face powder

I caved in to the beautiful-looking bronze tin and I need a loose powder that does not whiten my face (unlike Jill Stuart's), so I got this from the stores. The powder is finely milled, although it might make you feel like you have glitters on your face (when exposed to light inside the st0res), but as soon I stepped out of the store, there is nothing glittery on my face I can notice. So the effect is very natural.

One thing I would complain is the fan brush, yes the bristles are in thin density, I always fear once they shred a bit, the whole brush will not function anymore, lol. Anyways, this brush is nice cause it makes sure there's right amount of powder (not a lot) going onto you face.

Hmmm...since packaging is not transparent, it's a bit difficult to determine how much is left in the tin.

Overall, I"m on the fence with this one, cause it doesn't control face oil like I want it to be, the brush bristles are pretty weak and fragile, I might suggest you to try their Matterial Girl loose face powder.

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  1. I love the packaging of this product!


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