Monday, October 5, 2009

Review: Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil

$210 HKD/ 200ml

Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil has become one of my HG in the rack of cleansing oils I tried (they include: DHC, Fancl, Orbis, Shu, Bobbi Brown). My skin feels light and able to breathe when I cleaned my face with JS cleansing oil, but with Bobbi Brown's, it doesn't give me this feeling.

This product carries a strawberry smell, which is nice when you use it in mornings! I have a habit of using cleansing oils twice a day, one in the morning, just before I use my facial wash foam, and the second time when I go home and remove my makeup. Plus I don't find this product oily at all - with Fancl I do feel like I was drowning myself with oil on my face, plus my pores feel like they're suffocated by Fancl's cleansing oil.

My verdict is, this is a nice addition to your daily routine, and it's worth the penny.


  1. sounds great! you didn't like the orbis one? i think that one is one of the better oils i've tried cuz it's a bit thicker.

  2. hey! i love the Orbis one better than DHC and Bobbi Brown and Fancl, but JS smells better imo, and Orbis' texture is really a bit thicker...JS is very light-weight on my skin!


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