Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review & Swatches: Canmake Jewel Star eye jelly in 06 Brown

Here's what I got on Thursday last week - Canmake Jewel Star Eye jelly in 06 Brown. It swatches beautifully on hand when I tried at the store, very pigmented and blendable. There are a total of 6 shades: candy cotton pink, baby blue, candy floss white, bubblegum green, and lilac. They are all a bit glittery, but not as heavily glitter as Jill Stuart, it is still within my range of acceptance, and they're relatively cheap compared to Jill Stuart, like one-third of JS price, but of course, the product amount is little in Canmake.

Swatches on my hand:
the bottom one (also the deeper one) is built with 2 layers
the upper one is just one stroke of the eye jelly

This brown shade added dimension to the eyes and with just the right amount of glitter. This is going to be my go-to eyeshadow shade, esp. when in a hurry and can't decide what to wear. I wore this for 5 hours today and the glitter didn't come off, or deposit under my eyes, but it did make a crease, though not very noticeable since you won't notice until you close your eyes. But again, I didn't use any eye primer before the eye jelly. I like the ease of application of this product though!
Amount of product: quite little
Price: cheap, one-third of Jill Stuart Eye Jelly
Texture: Not as 'jelly' like as Jill Stuart, but it's like gel
Pigmentation: not bad, color is buildable, color will be obvious with 2 layers or above
Ease of application: Very easy, just use your fingers; but it does leave your fingers with colors and glitters (but you get that also when you apply powder eyeshadows with fingers, right?)
Compatibility with other products: Can layer with powder eye shadows on top, as suggested by Canmake SA (and Jill Stuart SA)
Verdict: If you're new to eye jellies, this is for you. This is cheap and fun to play with!
P.S. KATE has released eye jellies as well! The prices of KATE eye jellies are similar to Canmake but KATE has 8 colors in total.


  1. Aww thanks for doing the review - you're fast!

    seems that the eye jellies from canmake are value for money but the pricier Jill Stuart version is definitely the best if you have the money!

    anyway I live in Singapore but I've went to HK with friends last year and it was the best holiday I've ever had.

  2. ah i see!! the pics you took - i assume that's your house? its beautiful!!!!
    I'm gonna do the JS eye jellies review later, but JS is definitely more pigmented and more glittery :)

  3. That's a very pretty colour, and I like the fact that it's not too glittery.


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