Saturday, October 31, 2009

Review: Canmake Nail Polish in 91 Barbie Pink with red tones

I'm on a Canmake kick lately (Japanese drugstore brand, but not very cheap though!). I was browsing their makeup shelf lately, mainly for their eye jellies (called Jewel Star Eyes) but the one in brown color was sold out, so I turned to things that I hardly use: nail polishes. Being a huge fan of Barbie products (speaking of which, I'm dying to receive my Stila Barbie palette to arrive from the mail), I wanted the kind of barbie pink color on my nails. Canmake have those fake nail samples with different colored polishes on them and my eyes landed on this one!

As you can see, the bottle shows that it is red in color, but the nail sample and the color showed up on my nails is exactly that kind of Barbie pink I was looking for!! Pink with red undertones instead of pink with lilac tones like Barneys the dinosaur, or pure candy cotton pink like that flower in the picture.

Apologies for the poor quality of my camera (my dad took the better one away!), the color showed up on my nails after 2 layers of the polish looked red if viewed from a distance, but they're pink when you looked at them closer!

I was too happy with this purchase, and I wanted to stock up on one more bottle. But they were all sold out and I wasn't sure if they will restock this color :(


  1. That's a pretty colour, did you purchase it from Logon??

  2. yes :) from City Super's! Did you do anything for Halloween? Ocean Park or something like that? :D

  3. Ok wait, hold up. CANMAKE HAS EYE JELLIES? Omg I didn't even know, have u tried them out?

    Anyway, I loveeee that nail polish shade on you, it looks sweet ;D

  4. Nah, didn't celebrate Halloween, I'm becoming too old for it LOL! Hope you had fun!!


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