Sunday, December 6, 2009

New release from Benefit

OH MY OH MYYYYYYYYY Benefit has a box of powder coming out! It's called "Sugarbomb' - a "sugar rush flush" face powder. Hmmmm it looks like some mosaic blush powder (similar to Laura Mercier Mosaic or even Jill Stuart's mixed blush powder)
But seriously, what's up with the packaging of the box? What is it showing?

I wonder how it will show up once it is swatched on the skin?

Here is a description from the official site:

"Swirl the 4 flattering shades of peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose powders together and sweep on cheeks for a sweet rush of gorgeous. "

Can't wait for it to launch but I bet they will be launched in HK after I leave for Denmark. *sobs*



  1. Is it going to be launched only in HK? Or everywhere?
    It's really pretty! The purple shade looks interesting...wonder how that'll look if someone decides to only use that color :P

  2. That does look interesting!

    Thanks so much for the StrawberryNet heads up, I bought She-Laq at an amazing price, thank you xxxx

  3. awww so kawaii ! 4 colors just like JS !hehe

  4. Yeah, it does resemble Laura Mercier's Shimmer Bloc!!! I wonder how they compare?

    I have combination acne prone skin =D


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