Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Review: Jill Stuart nail polish in 106 Romantic Mararon + Another new release from Benefit

OMG I can't stop SNIFFING AT MY NAILS!!!!!! read on...

Ladies, this is going to sound crazy and you probably won't believe me. The day I used this nail polish coming from the 09 Christmas holiday coffret, a sweet candy scent lingers afterwards (I didn't smell my nails deliberately.). And i discovered this smell actually came from my nails after the nail polish has dried O_O!!! *Ahem* don't try to smell from the bottles directly, and don't even try to think about doing so at the counters lol!!! the smell only came after it's on your nails! :D

Most nail polishes are awful in their smells (you know, like Thinner liquid), the smell of thinner is still here in the polish but it has a kind of sweet scent coming from it as well, this sounds crazy coz I have never tried nail polishes that doesn't stink (that much).

Lets come to the color of the polish, it is a milky/pearly white and pink color with lilac shimmer in it, so in the bottle it looks like its milky pink, but after i painted it on, its like a purple-ish milky pink (really suck in describing colors, lol).

The color looks very natural =] Yet I should have put on a few more coats just to ensure it lasts on my nails...
I accidentally spoiled the coats of polish before they dried :( have to remove them and paint again...

Quote of the day: Nail painting is a patience training.
After 3 coats:
(my hand is actually not that big and long, I crooked it to make the nails reflect light, :D)

On another note, Benefit has come up with another new product, an eyeshadow primer called 'Stay don't Stray'. It claims to hold your eyeshadow without creasing and stuff like that, but I'm more interested in knowing the amount of product they have!!


  1. i know rite? most nail polishes don't have nice scent. so JS nail polish smells nice? wow!
    love the color, it looks so natural on 3rd pic.

  2. That's really interesting! I wish all nail polishes had a nice scent to it after it's on the nails. The color is very pretty! & I love how natural it looks :)

  3. i love natural colour looking nail polish too!and the smell is nice! argh why did i miss this collection!

  4. haha Boyfriend hates the smell of nail polish and polish remover, so this sounds great! I like soft colours on the nails too


  5. JILL STUART - WHY DO U MAKE AWESOME MAKE-UP?! I'm so curious about the candy scent, I agree - I think nail polish has a horrible smell and this one just seems to be perfect. I like the color too, gorgeous nude shade!

  6. candy sweet u got me lemmings more from JillStuart..
    anna sui's nail polish has this rose scent as well...

    am lousy at nails..i have steady hands..but cant do nail art..just too messy :( konad is collectin dust.. you want?

    THanks Jennifer for warm wishes~~ in my new previous post...
    its never easy to get the bf why girls has this obsession hehe
    well i dun hinder or laugh at his hobby either..instead encourages him..i guess he did a favor in return to me!

    I'll take your photos when we meet up! wokies..maybe can call up sormui also we have a blogmeetup!!


  7. Candy scent? Yay! I love the natural look it gives. :)


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