Monday, April 5, 2010

Buh-byes and WELCOME TO...

Hi ladies! In this post I will be saying goodbyes to the products which I finished using and will be going to the bin. They are:

Benefit That Gal Primer
Benefit BadGal Blue Mascara
Clinique All About Eyes Rich (deluxe sample size)
Clinique Clarifying Lotion/Toner (travel size)

The Benefit primer is nothing special, I just like the smell of it and the pinkish tone (which really brightens up my complexion), but nothing more. I finished 2-3 tubes of this primer (coz it's really really tiny) and somehow I feel this product is more for winter, as I have the sticky feeling when applied in humid/warm weather. Since this primer does not have SPF, I tried applying sunscreen before hand and it didn't work with this primer, there were tiny particles (like the kind of suds you get from rubbing an eraser on a paper, eww) falling off my face. Therefore I prefer primers with high SPF. Bye-bye, That Gal Primer!

(oh and did I mention that my bf likes to play with this empty tube just because it sounds and looks like those machines you get your minced beef/pork from? lol)

Concerning the blue mascara, I was in the blue-eyed phase and I got this mascara brand new from a swap. I heard that blue mascara will enhance the contrast between the black and the white parts of your eye, it performed okay for this purpose. But this mascara weighed down my curled lashes (-.-) so I can't see any difference in terms of lengthening and volumizing. I won't be purchasing it in the future.

For the Clinique All About Eyes Rich eye cream, I finished 3 full size of this cream before, and this is a deluxe sample size I bring along for short trips. While I do not notice that much of a difference after use, but until I find the ultimate HG eye cream, I am settling on this one. This cream moisturizes the under eye area, and if you find the "All About Eyes Rich" formula a bit thick, you can try the watery formula called "All About Eyes" I think. I still have another deluxe sample size with me and I aim to empty this jar before I return to Hong Kong. Yay for more luggage space!

This clarifying lotion ( I prefer to call these toners) from Clinique has an overwhelming alcohol smell which makes me dizzy, I had to hold my breath while applying it with cotton puffs. I remembered the SA telling me to use cotton balls and pat on the skin, but anyhow, my skin felt cleaned (like sanitized kind of clean) after using. It works at clearing the dead skins on my face I believe, but due to the smell I won't be buying this formula. I also tried the toner without alcohol by Clinique, but I forgot how it was (like 3 years ago). Since then I switched to the CLEAR line from Orbis, the toner from this line was raved by many Japanese girls, because it has a special ingredient in it to help fading acne marks.

In this post I also wish to say a huge welcome to... Dior Addict Lip Glow with SPF 10! This is my first lipstick like thingy in my life, I don't really use lipsticks (thankgod my obsession with lipsticks hasn't started). This Lip Glow is more like a lip balm for me, only better, with SPF 10. I also noticed they claimed this lip balm will adjust into a shade that is unique on your lips according to body chemistry? This sounds like Smashbox's O-glow to me.

Please share your thoughts on this lip glow :)


  1. awww u do review on the lip glow please!haha
    omg all bloggers looking for great eyecream but we still havent seen any!hehe

  2. Ooh I've been meaning to get a Dior lippie myself, thank goodness you haven't started over a lipstick obsession, it will burn a hole in your wallet just like mine did =p

  3. ooo i hope you do a review on the Dior lipstick - sounds interesting :)

  4. Good job on finishing all those products and thanks so much for the helpful review. The Dior lipstick lipstick looks awesome!

  5. Congrats on finishing those products. I'm curious with the Clinique All About Eye now. I agree that Clinique toner has a very strong alcohol scent..

  6. Never tried the Dior lip glow but I like the packaging.

  7. i also think its byebye for benefit primer 15ml?!?! lol

    xoxo elle
    ps: thanks for joining my giveaway ^^

  8. I haven't tried this lip glow yet but the packaging is cute. :) The Clinique toners didn't work for me either. Great job finishing these up!

  9. The Clinique toner is so harsh! I'm surprised that it's so popular, and that the brand actually carries it, since it's supposed to be dermatologically tested, and alcohol isn't too good for skin. Now I'm not using toners and my skin's fine :)
    The Dior lippie looks great, the other day I tried a similar product by Givenchy and boy did it make my lips hot pink!

  10. I keep Dior Lip Glow in my bag at all times!


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