Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm SPF 10

Today I am reviewing a recently recruited item in my makeup stash, here it is: Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm,

It comes with a rectangular cap (which is kind of bulky to me). I like the pinkish tube but I don't like the shape of it. You can pull the tube in and out from the cap with a click. The tube itself is very slender, the end of it has a "CD" imprint on it. When you twist and reveal the lip glow comes out. It's a very milky pink kind of color, but it is not pigmented at all. You will see why in the pics below which I swatched it on my arm. The color is similar to the kind of pink you see on the cap! It reminds me of those lip balms for kids. And it SMELLS EXACTLY the same as those junior lip balms. It carries a vanilla taste, with tiny tiny tiny touch of mint, if your nose is sensitive enough to detect it. The smell is very faint, though.

Now on to the swatch. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, it's really hard to focus on that tiny swatch, plus, this balm doesn't really show any color although it is called a Color Reviver Balm. To give you an idea of what it is, on the Sephora site it is called ''A color-awakening lip balm with SPF 10." Its function: "Dior Addict Lip Glow responds to the color chemistry of your lips to create a shade that is uniquely yours. Smooth it on to moisturize, add sun protection, and enhance your natural lip color. "
So, you see why there's not much of color showing up when you swatch, because it will react with your body chemistry to create a color.

I tried swatching on a napkin (Tip: I suggest the same when you swatch blushes at counters, because they show up really pigmented in napkin papers than on arm/skin, it makes comparison between blushes easier.) and it came out like a florescent, fuschia kind of pink (I swear the color is like that when swatched on a paper).

Before application of the Lip Glow:

After application:
This picture makes it look like there's shimmer/glitter in the balm but there's none, it's only the sunshine makes it looks shiny.

Another shot from below:

Although the color of my lips imparted by this lip glow is fairly light, but in real life it turned my lips into fuschia pink! I don't hate fuschia pink, but it certainly doesn't match my skin shade. My friend commented on it as 'a little bit dark to go along with the rest of my face'. For your reference I am a NC25. While it looks nice in pictures, I swear I don't like the color shown up after reacting with my body chemistry. I tried using this lip glow in different hours during the day to see if the color changes, but they turned out to be the same.
In terms of consistency, I would give it a 'poor'. It lasted no more than 30 minutes on my lips. It doesn't really moisturize my lips, unlike the Lip Balm by Sara Happ I reviewed earlier on. This Dior Lip Glow doesn't stay, so it doesn't offer comprehensive sun protection (how does it protect when it doesn't last?).
The only good thing about this lip glow is: the SPF 10. While the degree of protection isn't high enough, it's better than most balms/glosses out there which do not offer any sun protection at all. At the value of almost 27 Euros (22 Euros if you purchase at Duty Free), it only carries 3.5 grams of product and roughly not more than 3cm long (when fully twisted upwards). I would say, make a pass on this one and get something which can last longer!


- carries SPF
- sounds high-tech since the balm will react with your lips' chemistry to create a unique color

- bulky to put in a purse
- SPF not high enough for someone like me (I prefer SPF higher than 20 at least, for lips)
- expensive for the small amount of product you get
- the color generated might not match the rest of your look
- doesn't last me more than 30 minutes
- doesn't moisturize either


  1. Ooh it seems like sun is shining just right in your part of the world, we're sizzling in heat here! @_@ Haha, but it's interesting, I didn't know Dior creates color generation lip products... This reminds me of Ogloss from Smashbox...

  2. ohh its a NO then!
    esp for the price u pay and the quality!hehe

  3. Actually, I really like this product!

  4. oh no! bad bad bad.i'm truly lemmings for your sara happ lip balm! its featured in many japanese magazines :D

    luv your review keep it up Jennifer!

  5. Hey!
    I have something for you in my blog. Enjoy!

  6. This is very pretty, but after reading all your cons I don't think it's really worth it. Thanks for sharing your review!

  7. The color looks so pretty on you, Jennifer! But I noticed you have more cons than pros. =\

  8. yeah, i only reason that I would buy this lippie would be just for the packaging. too bad it isn't moisturizing. :( waaaaaaa
    I know, it's pretty expensive too. Thx for the review~

  9. The cons are overwhelming! I'd rather stick to my normal drugstore lipbalm :)

  10. Thanks for the great review and pictures!

  11. beautiful looook! gotta go get some new lipstick now

    great blog!
    xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new follower in Paris

  12. I love this lip balm! I'm going to be reviewing it in my blog in a couple of days. Thanks for the review, your blog is gorgeous!


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