Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picnic Day with volcanic ashes hung above the clouds *pic heavy*

It was the Danish Queen's' birthday when the volcanic ash still loomed over the clouds above Scandinavia. In fact, the royal families weren't able to join the Queen's birthday celebration yesterday just because flights were grounded in Scandinavia. Yet the weather has been LOVELY for the past week (er, like from the day we returned to Copenhagen from our trip in Berlin, which was ages ago), can you imagine waking up with blue skies and sunsets at 9pm everyday? :D That's the sort of life I can't have in Hong Kong.

While the news said the volcanic ash is hung all above Europe territories, the fact is you can't see the ash in the sky because they're above the clouds, and for that reason, our flight to Italy which is bound tomorrow night, is cancelled, what a bummer...we even booked our hostels and the flight back to Copenhagen! For this reason, I am blacklisting Iceland in my

Anyway, we went for a picnic in the park on the day of the Queen's birthday celebration. it's the larlgest piece of green-ness in Copenhagen, correct me if I'm wrong. This park is called Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Gardens/Park in English I think). This park is 2 metro stations away from our dorm.

We found this notice board frame stood aloof at the entrance, normally it should be housing a notice/map in the frame, but it was being repainted so there's no notice or map in it or whatsoever. I asked my bf to take a picture so later I can cut its size and became a picture frame like an oil painting or something, a Danish guy came by and gave us the thumbs up and said "Good Picture!" Sometimes when I'm being lame, I didn't expect some strangers to join in this lame-ness :P

I don't quite know what building this is, it has a Danish flag on top though, in front of it is a MASSIVE green lawn...cascading...isn't it lovely?

And a random shot of a fountain...can you see a rainbow in the picture?

Me sitting on the lawn (never imagined I could do that in Hong Kong...)
I found an Asian style temple with what I believe is sakura in front of it...and a swan (don't ask me why there's such kind of architecture inside a park, lol)
The ground is layered with flowers.

They're like stars in the sky...

With ducks in them...

Well, this is it! When it comes to spring/summer, Copenhagen is a lot more pretty than I expected. We'll be going to this park again I'm sure!! Meanwhile, lets keep our fingers and toes crossed for the ash cloud to dissipate and go away!!!


  1. ur blue eyeliner looks so stunning... ^.^

  2. Looks like you had fun! It's so beautiful there :)

  3. Thanks for the fab pics, despite the volcano!

  4. It looks so beautiful and peaceful. Must put this on my list of "i want to go to..." :P

  5. what amazing photos
    even with the volcanic ash..sometimes i think its more polluted in hk XD

  6. Thx for sharing the photos! I'm starting to miss spring sometimes, but here in Singapore it's always same weather xD


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