Friday, April 16, 2010

It's the Queen's Birthday Celebration today!!

It's the Danish Queen's birthday on the 14th, she has turned 70 now. Today there were heaps of people watching as she waved to the crowds...I sat in front of a TV watching a what looks like a talent show, or worse, a kindergarten graduation ceremony, with kids singing nursery songs, drama, dances, which did not look like a celebration for the Queen at all. I am appalled by the simplicity of celebration.

On another note, Denmark is to shut down 4 of its overseas embassies due to a cut in budget and security expenditures. "The Foreign Ministry has decided to shut its embassies in Jordan, Algeria, Bosnia and Nicaragua as well as the general consulate in Hong Kong." When I read this article, the bossy lady at the HK Danish Consulate popped into my mind. Back in last year, my friend told me about the unpoliteness of this lady when she was applying for her visa to study here. Gossip aside, how can the students apply for a student visa to study in Denmark in the future?

Now it's time to go for a picnic in the Frederiksberg Park...

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