Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review: Elisha Coy Always Triple BB Cream

Today I am reviewing the only BB Cream in my makeup stash (I gave away the others already lol): Always Triple BB Cream by Elisha Coy (a Korean brand).

On the tube and the box packaging it says "Whitening" and "Anti-wrinkle" with SPF 30 PA++ (big applause please!) and "Chemical Action Free".

Product description: "This multifunctional product protexts skin from the sun, improves wrinkles and whitens skin. Not only it naturally tones skin but also conceals any imperfections. Natural ingredients like royal jelly and caviar help to protect and improve skin."

Additional features of this product:
- Broad spectrum UV filters protect against both UVA and UVB rays. W/S formula is water/perspiration-resistant and supplies essential moisture and nutriesnts to skin.

- Contains skin-soothing botanicals for sensitive skin.

I squeezed a drop on the back of my hand:

Blending a bit:
Fully blended:
I used this for 2-3 times, and here are my thoughts:
Sun Protection: HIGH
Scent: None/Minimal chemical smell
Consistency: not thick at all, very blendable
Shimmer: None
How it feels on the skin: Fairly light-weight!
Oiliness: None, it absorbed pretty fast!
Degree of naturalness: Quite natural. It tones down the redness and uneven-ness of my skin colors, which is GREAT.
Hydration: Fair.
Coverage: fair, I still needed concealer for my heavy eye circles and blemishes.
Oil-control ability: Fair
Shade match: could be better!
As you can see in the blending pic, the shade of this BB cream is a bit on the fair side compared to my NC25 skin (= Shu 764, NARS Santa Fe, Benefit Honey). Exactly because it says 'chemical reaction free', it doesn't tone automatically to my NC25 skin, leaving it a bit pale than usual.
Compared to the past BB creams I tried, this one feels the lightest on the skin, and it stays pretty long on the face during the day, which is always a plus! If the shade matches my coloring, I'd be a total happy bunny!!! :D


  1. Oh... if this is too fair for you then it will probably be too fair for me too. But I'm glad its lightweight! Can't wait to use it in the summer =D

  2. wow. looks nice ,I will give it a try~~

  3. It's definitely too fair on me too. Thanks for the review btw ;)

  4. high 5! me too NC25! sigh sometimes those BBcream leave me paler and whiter than usual sniff sniff*

    my currrent BBcream are BRTC jasmine & Dr.Jart+ both have spf30++ and more

    i still cant ditch the concealer & loose powder

    my next BBcream adventure would be Liole or elishaCoy..
    any tots on Liole?
    hey i know a NRAS giveaway..quickly join its ending aprl 30th

    good luck

  5. wow it blends out flawlessly! thanks for the review ^^!

  6. I love that this BB cream has a high SPF! This is so rare. It looks beautiful on your skin.

    P.S I know, right? *wipes forehead*

  7. ive got the missha bb cream and yeah those bb creams are very pale in my opinion....but what do u think about skinfood bbcream?

  8. I didn't know it too until I swatch it :D. I got the Viva Glam Gaga like $5 more expensive, but definitely worth it ;)

  9. love the detail you put into this. have fun on your trip!

    and thanks for entering my giveaway! i will draw a winner over the weekend as the contest ends May 14. i've added more makeup posts too so check it out!

  10. This looks great!

    Just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!

  11. Is this comes in one shade?


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