Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm ALIVE, not dead (yet).

I apologize for the lack of posts, I returned from Italy like 4-5 days ago and was thinking of posting some reviews here! But since I will be away for almost another 2 weeks (going to Prague tomorrow), I need to finish my psychology paper (that's final exam paper)...and the worse thing is, I fell ill yesterday :( I had a fever and couldn't manage to do anything (even a shower...), then I took a rest of almost 13 hours, waking up this morning and finishing up my paper, and I still have 2 pages to go...

If things go well, I will be able to finish it by tonight and perhaps do an update! If not, I will be off to Prague tomorrow and would return on 4th June and I will be doing updates then.

x hugs


  1. Aww hope you're feeling better and good luck!

    Have fun in Prague =)

  2. that's okay! ^.^ live life and enjoy europe! <3 take good care of your health!

  3. Get well soon !!! Happy holidays !

  4. Good luck on finishing your paper and hope you feel better. Have fun in Prague!


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