Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday Haul

Ever since I came to Europe, I didn't really shop much (clothing-wise). I went out with my flatmate this afternoon to a shopping street in Copenhagen and I got 2 bags from Gina Tricot.

One is a studded grey chain bag, I have been eyeing it for over a month because of its chain! It can be worn in 2 ways: sideway like a shoulder bag, and like a messenger bag.
The other one is a snake-print barrel bag, also can be worn in 2 ways like the grey studded handbag. Love love love!

The other news is - Benefit has come out with a new color in their velvet eyeshadows! The color is platinum silver! Just kidding. The pic below shows the empty pan of their eyeshadow Mermaid, which was shattered upon arrival.

I emptied the crushed powder inside and cleaned the compact case, secretly thinking that one day I might be able to completely pan an eyeshadow or something of that sort! Haha can you tell how pathetic I am? I have not been able to pan anything makeup-wise, besides powder foundations. One day if I pan anything except foundations, I would blog about it and let you guys know, seriously :P That would be a milestone! lol

I transferred the crushed powder into an empty jar of Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner also from Benefit. But after this, I'm not sure if I would use it again...

For those of you who use eyeshadow pigments/mineral eyeshadows, how do you apply it to make it less messy? What brush do you use to apply pigments like this? Please share :D


  1. Great haul, I love the bags! Is this the eyeshadow that Benefit sent you a replacement for? It sucks that it was crumbled. :(

  2. Hmmm... I didn't like using crushed powder because it's messy but if I do I use a flat eye shadow brush that looks like a paddle, I moist it with water and lightly pick up a bit of the pigment ^.^ hope it helps! I love your bag <3

  3. Your bags are soo cute, Jennifer! Sorry to hear about Mermaid. =\

  4. A good sticky base, dense flat brush, and a napkins. And make sure to tap off a lot of excess before applying. Even then, I still get some flecks on the table, but that's where the napkin comes in! ;P


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