Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday Haul :)

In honour to commemorate my broken brown lace-up ankle boots, I got another pair from H&M yesterday. In fact I saw these pair of boots like 2 months ago and they were on sale, but they no longer carried my size. Yesterday I saw them again and they had my size! But they were in their original price, =.=. Things are like that, they're always imperfect. Considering my brown ankle boots from Hong Kong were broken last week, I decided I would replace them by buying a new one.

R.I.P to my brown ankle boots:

On another note, the other day we were in Berlin's LEGO Discovery Centre, we discovered this:

I have been searching for egg cups EVERYWHERE! Ever since I was a kid, my parents used to boil eggs and put them on egg cups for my breakfast. I remembered I have two egg cups, one had a Garfield on it. lol Then we moved houses several times and lost it :( Wherever I see egg cups, I would think about the ones I had.
I saw a fancy egg cup in Paris, but it's made of china/glass/something fragile, so I wouldn't want to risk breaking it while travelling. So when I saw these pair of egg cups (and they're made of plastic) in the store, I didn't even think about it and grabbed them!!!!!!! Each cup has 3 LEGO faces, you can twist the cap and make a funny face ;)

Is there something special that triggers your childhood memories?


  1. Nice haul and boots! Look cute and practical for your area/weather. Aww those Lego egg cups are suuuuper cute. I want some too... LOL

  2. The egg cups are so darn cute!!! ^.^

  3. AARGH your lego cups are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Lego is one of the things that triggers a ton of childhood memories for me. I used to spend hours and hours playing with lego as a kid building airports, houses etc.

    I need to go to Berlin!

  4. The Lego cups made me smile! =D Those are cute boots!


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