Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jill Stuart Sweet Bride Collection Photos and Promotions, New store in Macau

Get ready to scream, girls! Jill Stuart is offering pre-order for the Sweet Bride Collection to be released in early June. Now onto the product images...there would be an eyeliner, hand-held mirror, and nail polishes with a makeup pouch.

It also said there would be a new store opening in Macau!


  1. How gorgeous!! I'm not a bride but I so want every item in the collection. Just too pretty for words!

    You have just created the biggest lemming!!

  2. I am head over heels for that handheld mirror!! I love it! ( :

  3. Wow, I'm lemming for this collection now! :D

  4. fabulous - hope your enjoying your vaca x

  5. Great stuff!

    If you can, do enter my CSN $60 Gift Certificate giveaway!
    Thank you!


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