Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jill Stuart New Base MakeUp Products

Jill Stuart will be releasing new base makeup items, including loose powder (comes in 3 colors), pressed powders (comes in 3 colors) and a face powder brush that is made of natural goat hair. None of the above is Limited Edition items, so no panic ^_^ But to me it seems like they have changed the packaging of the loose powder (I have one with me) only, but the contents and the color selection is not that much of a difference. They used to offer 4 colors in loose powder and now there are 3. The jar looks a bit similar as well! Does any of the above looks tempting to you? :D


  1. i just started following your blog but love it so far! ive learned alot about new makeup and shades already!! thanks! if you are a lover of fashion, as well, check out my blog...dress your best for less!!!!!

  2. All Jill Stuart products look tempting to me xD But I think the shades might be too light for me so it's probably out of the question >__< Will you be getting anything? lol

  3. The face powder brush looks really pretty! :D

  4. Those compacts are so adorable, i love love love the design!! :)

    Check out my blog? Im still adjusting to how to use it but i think im doing ok so far :P



  5. love all the japanese brand cosmetics..... so nice... Jill stuart products are fantastic!

    Should have bought some when i was in japan

  6. What I like most from jill's cosme is the packaging. it's so regal but still cute~

  7. Beautiful colours, I always love Jill Stuart's packaging. Thank you for sharing! :)


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