Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Muji Blush in Rose Pink in A60

I'm back with reviews, YAY! Today I'm going to introduce you to a happy-price item found in Muji ( or ). They have stores in the US I'm sure. Muji is a Japanese all-in-one household grocery store selling snacks, candies, stationery, clothes, cushions, furniture, drinks, pasta sauce, skincare, and makeup! and lots of other items too.

I was looking for a lilac-ish kind of blush. One that looks violet in the pan but comes out pink actually (FYI: I was looking for an exact dupe of Benefit's I Lotused You Looking blush from their Shangri-Las collection, which was a LE collection longgg time ago). I'd do a review on that later probably, because that lilac blush gives my cheeks a 'just-in-from-the-cold' flush, and it's so natural and perks up my complexion, it's my new HG! But lets get back to the topic of today, LOL. As you can see from below, this blush from Muji is packaged like Shu Uemura Glow-On blushes, with a transparent plastic case flipping open. It's a bit flimsy, but doesn't bother me a lot, hehe.

The blush might look a bit leaning towards the mauve-y side instead of a rose-pink shade, but it's indeed a rose-pink shade (think Benefit's Dandelion!). When I was at the store, this looked like a dupe for my Benefit HG, and i swatched it, it showed up like a pale pink which was 70% similar to my Benefit blush. So I got it, and guess how much is it?!?!? It's just around 5 Euros!!!!!

A blush made in Japan, with 3.5 grams of product (not that a lot if you ask me), but it's only 5 Euros! This is the back of the blush case...the product info is printed in signature Muji color and style.
Here's how the blush showed up like:

A natural flush, no shimmer nor glitter. Yes it's MATTE. And the pink color is not like the typical cutey-pink blush you think of when you think about Japanese makeup. If that makes any sense, lol.

I applied a bit more because the color can't be captured by the camera, lol.

This blush carries no scent, pigmentation is moderate I'd say. I swiped my Shu brush like 2-3 times to get it show up like that in the pic.

Final verdict:
Grab this if you can, it's not expensive at all! If you think you have similar shades of rose-pink, then you can probably skip it. I myself don't own anything close to this shade (given the immense amount of blushes I own, Benefit Dandelion comes close, but not 100% dupe). If you are a fan of matte shades, this one is for you! :)

Has anyone tried other makeup items or skincare items from Muji?? Please share your thoughts :D


  1. RK A is gorgeous on you!!!! It shows up so well in pictures. I've never used a blush that's matte, mine are full of shimmers haha xD

  2. Oh what a super pretty blush, thanks for the review. I've never heard of the brand but the packaging reminds me of Shu Uemura. ^^

  3. i was surprised to see a post on muji make up! i didnt know they did make up!! thanks for this, i think i'll have to pay them a visit!

  4. Oh, that is lovely!

    I probably should have bought that peach "mosaic" one... :D

  5. very pretty! the packaging reminds e of shu uemura!

  6. It looks so nice!! Can't even image how it'll look in person when swatched not as many times lol

    The Muji in NYC doesn't have any skincare/makeup products :( I wonder when they'll bring those here...Been wanting to try the cleansing oil!

  7. lol i'll probably lose them before i get the chance! my cold's a lot better today, i'm almost back to normal.

    hmm.. as for the mooncake
    its softer then traditional ones and a little less greasy, i'm not sure what type they're called though, i can't read chinese >_<

    that blush looks really good! i've never heard of that brand before.

  8. wow, it looks super nice on your cheeks! :) i will try it as MUJI will finally open here 2 weeks from now. yay!!! :)

    re: Fancl eye gel, i really like it, its preservative free and it helped me lighten my dark circles a bit. moisturizing effect is good too! :)

  9. Pretty blush, it looks really lovely on you :). I need to recheck their makeup section, the last time I went there I only saw shimmery blushes, I didn't see any matte blushes.

  10. Welcome back, Jennifer! :D

    I love this blush on you. I've heard of Muji but we sadly don't have it here in L.A. *cries* They need to open one up!

  11. Jen! MUJI Manila opens today! im going tomorrow, im checking out this blusher. and then some LOL :D


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