Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MAC Tartan Tale Collection Follow Your Fantasy Eyeshadow Swatches

Wheee!!! The checker-and-stripe pattern on MAC's upcoming Tartan Tale collection has got me and my friend so excited, and I was even more excited when she handed this eyeshadow to me :) The eyeshadow is called Follow Your Fantasy, and is a copper-orange color with brown stripes imprinted on it. NOTE the eyeshadow is bigger than normal MAC eyeshadows, this contains 3 grams. Without further ado, let's reveal the gem!

Here it is!

Swatched in dark lighting:

Swatched in better lighting:

The texture feels very smooth and fine, and the finish is shimmery!

What are you planning to get from Tartan Tale Collection ? :D


  1. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm not that into copper-oranges or other warm shades but Follow Your Fantasy looks pretty. EOTD please hahaha xD

    05 Poetic Daisy is omg gorgeous, I rather like the coral shade!!

  2. The pattern is sooo gorgeous i wouldn't want to use it for fear of ruining its loveliness lol :)

    Its a gorgeous colour though :)


  3. I might get this or the green one. I don't think the colours are very unique though, but I just love the pattern :)

  4. I love the checkered embossed! looks really pretty :)

  5. Wah I am totally lemming after the MAC Tartan collection, the packaging and embossed print is so pretty!! It comes out on October 28 in the U.S. though ahh the wait LOL

  6. this color is really nice.. can totally double as blush and bronzer. Sadly, I'm allergic to MAC products =(

  7. oh thats neat, it reminds me of burberry's make up. that's kinda cool that mac is doing the checker patterns too

  8. Ooh, a sneak peek...I love this! I <3 shimmery e/s.

    Yes, I am getting something from the Sephora F&F! I have my eye on the T3 dryer and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

    Hope your week's going well! =D

  9. I heard it was inspired from Scotland! it is sooo pretty! cool you got one!

  10. I'd be sooo tempted to buy this just cos it looks so gorgeous in the pot! The colour looks lovely too though and i guess thats a bonus :)

  11. Thanks for posting this! I've been looking for swatches all over :)

  12. hello! glad i found your blog! lovin it

  13. oh wow - that looks so cool!
    That's definately on my 'to buy' list :)


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