Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jill Stuart Blush Blossoms Swatches in 02 Sweet Mum & 05 Poetic Daisy

I got these loose blush powders from Jill Stuart a while ago (sometime in July), the shades I got were 02 Sweet Mum and 05 Poetic Daisy. 05 Poetic Daisy was a Limited Edition shade which was launched at the same time when the Blush Blossom series came out. 01, 04 looks similar to me; 03 and 05 also looked similar so I thought I'd pick an LE shade as well as 02 which contains an orange color (am a orange/peach fiend!).

(pic from Jill Stuart website)

Comparing with Jill Stuart Mixed Blush Compacts, the new Blush Blossoms are round in shape and contains 5g of products. Mixed Blush Compacts have 8g of products each, and both blushes are retailed at the same price. If you're going for more products over the new packaging, you know which one to go for ;)

The surface of the blush blossom compacts and their brushes. The brushes in Mixed Blush Compacts used to be attached/ detachable with the compacts. In the newly designed blush blossoms, they come separately. The cover of the blush blossom lids are as decorated and adorned as the Mixed Blush Compacts. The chain on the brush and the cap of the brush are adorned with bows. The new blush blossoms are said to contain Wild Rose Extract, Almond Oil and Pure Crystal Powder.

02 Sweet Mum on the left and 05 Poetic Daisy on the right:
02 Sweet Mum is a pink-blush glow on the right side and a light-orange-shimmer tint on the left. The light-orange shimmer tint contains fine glitter.

05 Poetic Daisy has a BRIGHT NEON red color on the blush-glow side and a pastel pink shimmer-tint on the left. The neon red color scares me, lol. Bold colors are not shades that would appear in a Jill Stuart product.

As you opened the lid, it reveals a mirror. The compact design is no longer a snap-open design like in Mixed Blush Compacts, there is a small knob on the compact which you have to press before opening. The interior mirror is adorned with decoration, there is a white plastic lid which you lift it up and reveals a plastic sheet. The plastic sheet covers a screen, which is basically a net with holes.

The new Blush Blossoms have 2 colors in them. The color on the right is called ''blush glow'' and the color on the left is called ''shimmer tint''. According to the descriptions on the box, you are supposed to take an appropriate amount of blush THROUGH the screen, then remove excess using the screen. Apply blush glow on the right first, then shimmer tint. After using, place the plastic sheet over the screen and close the inner white plastic lid. (it sounds too much hassle, lol).

For viewing purposes, I swatched each of the colors in the blush pan separately on a napkin: (Click to enlarge photo)

Close-up: 02 Sweet Mum and 05 Poetic Daisy:

I was confused at first on how to apply the blush powder. So I tried using these methods. In the second row illustrated by the second block in the pic, I applied BOTH colors (using the brush to dap the center of the screen with each color on each side of the brush). 02 leans towards a warmer color while 05 leans towards a pink-rosey hue.

Then I tried another method: I applied the blush glow first, then dap the shimmer tint side on top. (first block/row in the pic) Both colors came out more obviously. 05 Poetic Daisy appears more red.
Close-up of the swatches:

The swatches of 02 Sweet Mum has visible small glitter specks, which might not be for everyone. I think they're more like fine glitter than shimmer.

Both blushes carry a the usual light rosey-berry scent Jill Stuart products have.
A pic of the brushes after swatching :)

I have yet to try these on face, a review may come later. But hope these swatches help!! :D What are your thoughts on the old Mixed Blush Compacts and the new Blush Blossoms??


  1. these blushes look so cute! i want to buy one just for its packaging! i'm lazy to buy from the internet but that's the only place you can get it here in the uk..boo!

  2. Thanks so much for the swatches. I've ordered sweet pea 01 and lady amarylis 03 a few days ago. Can't wait!

  3. Thanks for the swatches! If I had to choose, I think I would choose the LE blush too :D

  4. Oooh they look so cute :) I will have to try them sometime Im always looking for new blush :)

    following your blog now it's soo helpful :) xx

  5. The swatches look really pretty! Bet they look better on the cheeks :] I need to definitely save up money for these now! xD

    A lot of bloggers (especially in Singapore/Malaysia) were talking about the Hada Labo range over the summer and I got excited and wanted to try it. And my skin was becoming a bit flakey and dry since it was starting to become cold, so I bought the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion. I really want to try the tamagohada/AHA+BHA cleanser next since it's suppose to make the skin feel really smooth..like an egg lol ^__^

  6. They look gorgeous but the application seems like a hassle. I like my cosmetics to be "dip, slap, and run" ;-)

  7. These look so great and i havent seen these around in India...Im linking this post of yours in my ultimate blush guide :) Hope u don mind..let me know if u do and ill take it off...

    Do add your blog links to this review guide whenever you do a blush post..


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