Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: Dove Foam Cleansing Oil

I picked up this Dove cleansing oil during my last trip to a local drugstore chain. This product should have been released for a few months in Hong Kong by now. To be honest I wouldn't be interested to try it out in the first place since I'm using mid-end cleansing oils for 99% of the time. I got this because 1) my friend who's a beauty magazine editor told me she liked it; 2) I had to spend over a certain amount at that store for redeeming some points/voucher that sort of thing. Silly, isn't it :D?
I would give thumbs-up for the packaging in fact. It comes in a pump bottle, it looks very bright on my sink since it's yellow :) and it cheers me up when seeing it in the morning. The whole bottle is 155ml and is retailed at around 8 Euros.
The other thing I liked about this product is that you can use even when your hands are wet. Unlike typical cleansing oils which you must use your dry hands to apply (otherwise it will turn milky white and can't cleanse at all), so it means you can use it in your shower too! How convenient. Oh, and did I mention that this cleanser is NOT OILY AT ALL? Although it has the word 'oil' in its name, to me it's not straightly speaking an cleansing oil :) When I pumped the bottle, the foam came out and it felt sooooo light and just like you have rubbed a pea-sized facial cleanser with water. But you get this foam instantly from the pump.

To test-drive it, I apply blush on the back of my hand, indicated with a red circle:
And I pumped the foam on the area:
Spreading and rubbing it:
The foam is turning into a copper-ish color due to the color of the blush I applied (see above and below):
It lathers pretty well, and here's the area after rinsing and drying. Pretty clean, eh?
I've been using it for almost 1.5-2 weeks now, twice daily (one in the morning before my routine cleanser), and when I came home and remove my makeup, sometimes once per day, depending on whether I put on makeup that day. What I've noticed is that the inside of the bottle is 10% gone =.= how fast, lol.

It may have to do with the cold weather here now, after using it to remove my makeup, it leaves my skin a bit dry so I pat on my usual moisturizer afterwards. *EDIT* this can't remove waterproof mascara/liners well, but then I always use a separate eye makeup remover no matter which cleansing oil I use. Thought I should mention this here too.

Verdict: This isn't a bad cleanser, it's convenient, cheap for the amount of product it has, Fancl Cleansing oil is double the price and contains similar volume, same for Orbis, DHC. Yet, I estimate the bottle should be well gone after 1.5 months, 2 months maximum.

This is worth trying if you're into trying new products, or on a budget looking for a drugstore alternative (like me, wallet broken), or if you found yourself too lazy or in a rush in the morning, then this is definitely the product for you!


  1. foam cleansing oil..from dove..interesting lol! ahh all these nice and cheap products only available in asia :(

  2. i skipped out on the duos because i don't really wear those colors and i had already put my order in :[ what about you!!

  3. Jen this sounds like a nice cleanser for those light makeup days :) I wonder if I can find that here. :P

    PS. counting down the days! 17 DAYS TO GOOOOO! ^_~

  4. Ohh I want this!! Thanks for reviewing! =D

  5. you from M'sia too? I work with germany company :)

  6. I never know Dove has cleansing oil! and it's a foam cleansing oil! Thanks for the review, it sounds pretty good :)

  7. I love this concept and actually have tried this. Unfortunately like you said, its ability to remove makeup isn't all that great. Great for traveling though!

  8. Oh!
    It is a pity they do not sell Dove facial cosmetics here ;(
    I would so definitely try this since I am wallet broken too!

  9. Hey...sounds interesting...wanna try it out.

  10. i got the korres lip roll with the three lip butters and the benefit glowla kit anddd the cake body lotion spray thingy :p i'll do a haul once i get it :D

  11. Oh this Dove Foaming Cleansing Oil sounds great, I like how you can use it with wet hands and it foams, which is fun LOL Yeah I use a eye makeup remover as well because it's bad to get oil in your eyes LOL Thanks for the review. :)

  12. It's so interesting! thanks for reviewing :D

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