Sunday, November 7, 2010

Swatches and Review: MAC Tartan Tale blushes in My Highland Honey, Her Blooming Cheek

In today's post I swatched MAC My Highland Honey and Her Blooming Cheek blushes, both from the Tartan Tale collection. As mentioned before, I'm a huge orange and peach blush fiend, so My Highland Honey is definitely on my wishlist, I made a mistake telling the MUA to try Her Blooming Cheek on me, oh well, I'm glad she did. Now you will see why you NEED Her Blooming Cheek blush! :D
Swatched on the arm:
My cheeks with foundation only (Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation liquid #31):
With My Highland Honey on top!
Pretty satisfied with the glow it gives me. This is a true orange blush, and is different if compared with MAC Utterly Game (from Fabulous Felines), the latter is more coral. And they DO look different in the pan. My Highland Honey brings a sun-kissed glow to my apples, what more could a blush fiend ask for? :D

Another shot with foundation only:
With Her Blooming Cheek on top:
Now the pink really is something isn't it? It's INTENSELY PIGMENTED. Really a light dap of the brush on the pan is enough to give you a lovely glow. I was applying more than I needed for this photo :) I was in AWE in the store when the MUA swept this over my cheeks - my friend was with me and she was surprised at how it showed up too! I knew then I had to get this. I don't own anything that bright or fuschia pink in my stash, and certainly there isn't a dupe in my stash for comparison.

This is my second foray into MAC blushes and I'm pleasantly surprised by Her Blooming Cheek! I can foresee it making its way to my HG list.

Those of you who have NARS Angelika or Desire (or any bright pink/fuschia pink blushes for that matter), OR if you think you know a dupe for this, please let me know ^_^!

On another note, I will announce giveaway details tomorrow (yes finally!)!


  1. Her Blooming Cheek reminds me of a blush that I own (link here). What do you think?

    I'm not that fond of peach blushes but My Highland Honey looks great on you! What a beautiful glow!!

    RYC, I wear lashes on weekends =D

  2. My Highland Honey does give you a really pretty glow!! Thanks for the swatches :)

    ryc: I'm using Muji CO, it's pretty good.

  3. I just picked up my highland honey and its so pretty! I swatched Her Blooming Cheek at MAC and it scared me! haha Soooo pigmented! :) Both look great on you!

  4. Oh no, I might need these both :D

  5. I read Da Vinci Code, Jodi Picoult's book and a local true story, hehe.. hope to read more this month.

    I've only used Muji's so can't compare with other CO, but I feel it cleanses pretty well.

  6. They both look lovely on you, Jennifer! =D I especially like Her Blooming Cheek.

    (For me, Shu Uemura cleansing oil :)

  7. These look stunning! Depending on what sort or eye and lip colours I'm going for I will usually change between pale peachy and pink blushes so i really like both of these!

    The MAC products are a wee bit out of my price range but I think I might treat myself :)

  8. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for visiting my blog and dropping me a comment :) I can't wait to see the looks u'll create w/ ur naked palette! Yea on work days because I'm always in a hurry, I just use two shadows, one lighter one darker. At most the first shadow as highlight on my browbones. But for evening/special occasions obviously I'd use more :) It's good for smokey eyes too, such a versatile palette :)

    gonna follow you now :)

  9. ELF is actually a rare find in my area too. i think it only comes out when the holidays are approaching. i'm glad i found the palette before they were all sold out. i'm sure you can get ELF stuff from their website too. :)

    oooh. her blooming cheek looks VERRRY pretty on your cheeks. wow. it gave you a really nice glow. now i'm glad i bought it. i haven't used it yet, but your post made me excited to use it now. :D highland honey is pretty too. i wanted to get it. i hope it's still around. thanks for the swatches on both blushes. :)

  10. im always eyeing stuff for xmas :p i think i'm going to try and stay away from the makeup for a while since i hauled so much :p i'll probably pick up some lancome almost out :[ what about you??

  11. Her Blooming Cheek is not for the shy, it has an amazing pigmentation!:D

    Thank you for the swatches and I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. Oh thanks for the review and swatches! Yes, Her Blooming Checks is a def buy and looks great on you. :)

  13. I have My Highland Honey and I love it to death hehe <3

  14. ~ACK! Jen, do you think your local MAC counter still has this on stock? i waaaaant my highland honey now!!! :P

  15. Im definitely buying her blooming cheek...
    Iv added this to my blush review guide so people can view your reviews...

    You can remove it if you want to..or just add comments to of now iv written 'refer to link'


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