Friday, December 10, 2010

Swatches and Review: Canmake Cream Cheek #01, #03, #04, #07, #08, #09

As promised, here's the long-overdue post on Canmake cream blushes. The one in the middle of the pic is Cream Highlighter and I'll review it separately in another post.
Here they are, and a close-up pic below:
I'm not really good at describing colors, but I will try :P

#01 is a coral peach (think of cream colors), it's the most natural-looking out of all shades, in the pan and on the face XD it has tiny bit of shimmer but not noticeable:
#03 is a candy/pastel pink, with a bit of shimmer:
#04 almost looks like a blood orange, and it gives you the sun-kissed kind of look, this has shimmer too:
#07 looks frighteningly bright in the pan, it's a bright coral. with *slight* shimmer.
#08 is somewhere between #01 and #03, and is paler/more natural than #01. (The color in the pan is somewhere between #01 and #03 but it swatched paler than #01, weird, huh?)
#09 is a barbie pink, and it's MATTE (!!!). It gives you the porcelain-doll kind of look and is my favourite out of all. It looks scarily bright, but it's the most flattering in my opinion, maybe that's because I don't own a color like that lol.
#01, #03 and #09 might look similar, so I put them next to each other. As you can see, #01 leans towards a warm peach with pink tones, #03 is pastel pink, #09 is leaning a bit cooler and mauve-ish. #03 is sort of somewhere in between (in terms of color gradient...hope this makes sense XD).
If you can get your hands on these, I'd say go for it! I love their texture, the cream blush would transform into powder and feels so velvety and smooth. Some cream blushes I know would give you a weird sheen (like an oily face @_@), these ones will not. Canmake packaging never reveals how much product they have, so these are actually a bit tiny, say, when compared to NYX cream blushes, I would estimate 2-3 grams of product from the tiny pan (WTF?!). But of course Canmake ones are great for travel since they don't take too much room.

I applied these with my fingers and they blended well, I want to try using a stippling brush for these but I haven't got one. So you might prefer powder blushes if you don't like using your fingers, haha. The staying power is around 7~8 hours. These are retailed at around 7~8 Euros each.

Hope these help!
What is/are your favourite cream blushes among your stash? :D


  1. They all look amazing! I love #4!

  2. Great review. Complete with cheek swatches, too, bravo! :D

    I've tried NYX cream blushes too but gave up on it since I didn't know my way around cream blush application that time. I should've used my stippling brush instead of my would've given a prettier finish.

    Canmake bluahes look real pretty on your cheeks. I personally prefer 04 and 09 :D. Too bad we have no access to Canmanke here.

  3. they are so cute!
    I was curious about them because other bloggers raved about it. thanks for the swatches and review!

  4. Thank you for the swatches! I've been wanting to try these blushes! #04 looks great, I've always wanted a orange blusher :D

    Where did you get yours from? And where do you think I could get one from the UK that isn't so expensive? xxxxx

  5. Hahah! What a coincidence, for the first time in a long time I wore my Canmake cream blush #04 (vitamine orage) today :D I apply it with a stippling brush and it's easier and a better way to apply it than fingers IMO. :) I would like to get more colors!

    They are not big, but I think for people who have a couple blushes, this will still last a long time.

  6. wow, great post! Thanks for the swatches!

  7. ahaha..I wanted to get these with I first saw pictures of them. But when I saw how tiny it is at Sasa, I changed my mind. =\ They're quite pricey too for such a small amount.
    I think based from the swatches, these might be better than NYX cream blushes in terms of how it feels on the skin. NYX tends to make the face look oily but nothing can't be fix with a swish of a powder blush on top. ^_^

  8. Woah! : D Nr 7 is suuuuper pretty!

    Haha, well. That's cause you were in the capital. I live in Jutland (the HUGE part of Denmark that's connected directly to Germany). Jutland is a bit more.. primitive (not poor, but we don't have all the cool stores up far north where I live). MAC JUST came to a department store nearby, so I'm all up under the roof XD Haha

    YES I DO! : D I love their Velvet Touch Eyeliners!

    I LOVE to cook! Seriously! I have a whole gallery on Facebook with stuff I cooked : D Haha! But yeah.. donuts, Japanese noodle soups, salads, potato dishes, pasta dishes, chicken, beef, duck, gravies etc. etc. Oh, frikadeller ; D Yeah. I can make those too : D I usually make them with carrots and time! Nom! And with ground chicken instead of pork. Cause I don't eat pork :"3

    It's about -9 degrees Celsius. : ( cold as heeeckk

  9. Wow, they look beautiful! Thanks for the review :]

  10. I love these! they look so scary in the pan but once it's on the face they look so natural xD
    I'm envious of your collection! I only have 2 of them xD
    haha I also suck at describing colours

  11. oo thanks so much for these canmake swatches! I think my favorite is #04 ^_^ its funny that I am drawn to orange blushes these days xD

  12. 7~8 hours is pretty good! Really like the colors in this collection. =D I can see why #09 is your favorite. It's so pretty!!

    (No reading. Conversational Chinese at best :)

  13. super jealous of you!!! haha canmake's not available here but if it was, i'd sooo get these! specially #4 and 9!! GORGEOUS :D thanks for swatching these :) <3

  14. No Joke but I've been hankering to go back to HK to get my hands on these babies. Ahh well. I have enough blushes =D LOL

    I heard e.l.f Released a new stippling brush to their studio range and they're really inexpensive. (I just can't bring myself to spend over £20+ on MAC brushes. I totally have the stingy gene)

  15. Hey congrats on finishing your finals Jennifer! Yay for that =D

    Awesome swatches too! It's great to see the colours on your cheeks so you get more of an idea. It's so annoying when you buy a blush and it looks different on.

    I kept meaning to email you to let you know that I tried out the Water Sleeping Pack Ex and LOVED it so I went back to the shop and bought myself a full size container! I also kept walking past the Canmake blush counter at Log On at Festival Walk (when I was drooling over the polishes haha) and your excitement and raves about #09 made me pick one up as well on my last day LOL.

    You are such an enabler! =p

  16. You have a great collection of Canmake cream blushes going on and the swatches are great :) I've never tried Canmake before but the colours look pretty and seem to be very economical ^^

  17. i really like the colours

  18. gorg! thanks for the reviews and swatches doll :)

  19. Woah great collection! Thank you for taking the time to swatch them on your arm and cheek! :) #09 is my favorite one from the pictures as well.

    My favorite cream blush is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, lol lame that Canmake doesn't list the amount though.

    Hmm let me get back to you on the Beauty Mate question, haven't used the mask myself yet. I like Kuan Yuan Lian stuff a lot, it's really cheap and it works well. I've used their hydrating mask, oil control, and famous cucumber toner. I don't think they are miracle workers but they do want the say on the package: moisturize/plump skin. :)

    Wah have fun in TW!! Yummy food and so many beauty stuff there.

  20. Thank you for the review on the cream blush. I have the loose powder blush by Canmake and I really like them. I want to try to pressed powder blush next but I have sooo many blush compacts right now that I have to at least hit pan on one first--that's a goal that I set for myself. LOL!

    Dropped Kay off at the airport and she'll soon be boarding her plane and headed to Osaka before getting to Hong Kong. You'll enjoy her a lot! I had fun spending time with her. Enjoy yourselves and please try to remember to take lots of pictures. We were having too much fun that I kept on forgetting to take pictures.


  21. I love cream blushes!! These looks lovely though! I like the barbie pink one!

  22. ohh i love this post! its so awesome especially when I'm looking for acream blush!! <3 <3

  23. Gorgeous!! It sucks that these are not sold here =(

  24. they're all so pretty! ahh more items going on my wishlist :P

    Hmm maybe I should try out lavender/lilac blushes next!
    Right now I have 8 blushes (9 including an stereo rose MSF).

  25. hahaha you're not alone on having difficulty describing colors Jenn! :P

    i love 07 and 09 on you, very pretty! :)

  26. I haven't used it yet! :X One blush at a time lol I was so lucky to have won it in a giveaway ^__^ I'm kind of hesitant on using it!

  27. Jennifer--I don't use the cute puff that comes with the loose cheek powder. I use a blush brush to apply the cheek powder. I tap some into the cover and swirl the brush around and apply as usual. I tap in very, very little powder into the cover. Maybe I should do a post on it. I know that I did a review of it but don't think that I showed how little I really do use.

  28. The cream blushes are hot, hot, hot!!! I definitely notice #09 is the most pink on you. It's gorgeous! :)

    I've seen people make kimchi and I think it depends on the person. For me, it's too much work... lol~ I do have to agree the home made one taste better than the market ones... hehe~ Tell me how your experience goes!

  29. thanks for the swatches! i love these

  30. Kudos to you for being meticulous enough to take actual on-cheek pics along with the usual swatches :D.

    Number 8 is probably my favourite - so pretty <3.

  31. Thanks for the swatches. They look pretty!

  32. Lovely swatches! I only have two but loving them so far :)

  33. oo I really love how that looks, you look great!

  34. thanks for your OUTRAGEOUSNESS cheer on my post! YESHH we will take LOTSA photos~! you better not be camera shy and smile pretty for my lens !*wink

    OMG i wanna try cream blusher~
    am such a NOOB!
    all look soo pretty & natural on you
    #09 is cool bright pink~ naiss

    i wanna get these too! i'll try with orange #04 and #07 cuz i like number 7 lol

    fantastic review!

  35. hey! they all look gorgeous on u! where can u get these in hk?

  36. #1 and 7 look especially beautiful on you lovey! I wish they sold these here in Canada :(

  37. guess what!
    my other sister took my canmake creamblush the one i bought with you!

    so i need to restock on this! hahaha
    this time #04 vitamin orange & one more peach color ^.^V


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