Saturday, December 11, 2010

Project 30-days results + giveaway WINNER!

About a month ago, I started this project 30-days (post here). Now it's time for the results!

I realized the pics are taken at different times and it's hard to adjust the lighting and the angle, size LOL......sorry about that!

First we have....
a small but noticeable tip in the Canmake Cream Highlighter. I used it for highlighting the brow bone and nose bridge.
Next we have my everyday powder foundation: Benefit Hello Flawless in Honey. Wow the pan's diameter enlarged XD!
Length of Urban Decay Bourbon eyeliner has gone a bit shorter when compared to the unsharpened/untouched Zero:
Ettusais loose powder. I can't really judge how far this has been consumed within one month...the results aren't significant eh? I applied with a powder puff, maybe that's why? (since a puff takes up less product than a brush through the sift?)
One of my HG blush: Cargo Blu-Ray HD blush/highlighter in pink shimmer (i believe...). Blush surface has been disturbed even more in the middle, in real life a tiny tiny dip is beginning to didn't show up much on pictures though :/ The latter pic is more similar to the original thing in terms of color.
Marc Jacobs EDP:
Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand cream. Whee it's getting less product inside. I use this only at night before sleep.
Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver balm - completely finished yay! (previous review here)
Jill Stuart Day Care Essence - a month ago there are about 10 uses left, same as the Dior lip glow I chose these two to include in the project because 1) they're the easiest to finish up; 2) can't wait for them to be gone/binned. XD I have used this Day Care Essence as a primer (with SPF) for about half a year, although not regularly. This should be long gone by 4-5 months of uses.
My thoughts on project 30-days:

It's easy to stick with the same foundation, primer, eyeliner, hand cream, highlighter, perfume; yet it's not the case with blushes, lip products and loose powder. If you have a huge stash, it's even more difficult! I found that I can stick to a blush for at most 3 days (unless you have determination and self-discipline of a saint, haha) but after that my hands tend to *drift* towards the others (oh well but I didn't!). It's freaking hard to stick to the same blush :/ especially when you have too many to choose from XD With lip products it's the same case, it's hard to stick to one item when you don't like it in the first place!

I would continue sticking to the same powder foundation, concealer and hand cream, but that's all LOL.

p.s. I just remembered I forgot to take a pic of the Canmake concealer! The tube itself is opaque so it's hard to judge how much it has in the beginning/after 30 days. I'm going to stick to that concealer until it's completely used up/dried up. I am even thinking of dismantling it like people do to their UDPP, but not sure how to cut through the tube -.-.

On another note, the giveaway winner is.....*throws confetti*


Congrats hun! Please email me your info and details within 48 hours :)
Thanks to you all who participated!! ^_^


  1. I also think it is very hard to stick to same products for 30 days. I can only do that if I am travelling and I can only use whatever I brought with me. Congrats on your project! It takes hard work to do it!

  2. Whoa! It is so amusing that you made it through for 30 days, i know its so hard to do it. I have to commend you on this one and congrats to the winner :-)

  3. You've been so diligent with those products! Thanks for sharing Jen!

    And congratulations to the winner!

  4. Such nice results! ^__^ I can use one product for a really long time but I don't think I've lasted a full 30 days before xD

    I don't use up the whole blush before I start another. I just use it for a long time (few weeks) before I start a new one. lol I don't think I'll ever be able to use my unopened blushes if I waited for another to be finished! :P

  5. wow! good job! it takes me forever to finish stuff...

    Yes I'm still waiting for it ugh! ahh really? I'll let you know next time I didn't know you were cping for other people.

  6. Apart from my basic makeup items, like BB cream, eyeliner, concealer and mascara, it's very hard to stick to the same product for 30 days straight, especially if its a color item like shadow or blush. Is it just me or does your loose powder look more finely milled now than it did a month ago? :)

  7. I haven't hit pan on any makeup products lately. The last one was probably a powder a year ago? lol

  8. Yay congrats on finishing some of the products at least! I agree, it's really hard to stick with the same blushes and lippies, I think because they make such significant differences in your look that it's quite boring to use the same products for more than 3 days in a row...but then again, isn't that why we buy so many products in the first place? --so we can have the option to be playful with our looks when we have a whim to? :D

    (Although, I must admit I still have too many products eep!)

  9. Congrats on using the same stuff for 30 days and hitting/making pan bigger. ^^ Congrats to the giveaway winner.

  10. Good job lady!! I don't think I could use the same stuff for 30 days, though I think it would be good to try! I just might have to try this myself!

    Congrat's to the winner!!!

  11. Haha, I love that you've marked the month's progress with little arrows! I'm proud of you, good job!

    I actually was on a Px pan which started 8-9 months ago and all I've finished up till now is 3 lipglosses... It's so freaking hard to *completely* finish makeup products!!!

  12. Congrats on doing so well on your project! I'm also on a project pan and it's going very well (=

  13. Nice job, Jennifer! =D I give you props for sticking with it b/c I sure wouldn't have been able to.

  14. Wow that's pretty impressive you used all those products for one month! I don't think I can... hehe~ :X

    As luck finding a recipe for kim-chi? Have you tried YouTube? They have good ones there.

  15. well done Jen! well honestly i get so much connected to my things dat i hate to finish them up!

  16. Congrats to the winner! I am doing a MAC giveaway at my blog, enter if you want to :)

  17. well done! i can probably only stick to the basics for 30 days... like foundation/concealer/brow pencil/mascara, other than that you got me hehehe...

  18. Congrats for managing to stick with the same products for 30 days. It's soooo tempting, the urge to play around with different products all the time ;)

    Thanks for holding the giveaway! Super excited, haven't ever won anything before :D

  19. Jen, you did a marvelous job in using these products regularly!! *applauds*

    I think I can use the same blush for a whole week max hahaha. Lip products wise, I tend to use the ones that I like regularly and neglect others in my stash.

    Sewame spot-removing and trace-free essence? Never heard of it! Gonna google for it now

  20. Good job!! :D This is an awesome idea .. maybe I'll start this project too starting in January!
    I'll be there from Dec27 - Jan17 :) Can't wait! Shopping galore hehehe

  21. You did a very fantastic job on sticking to use them up! :)

    ryc: I do think that sheet masks with hook are hit right now, but I've never tried any of those!

  22. You are so determined on finishing your products. The only products that I could finish is most probably my skincare items but makeup..nay..
    Thumbs up~~

    Yee..My boy agrees that we will head to HK mid of next year. Hope everything goes according to plan.

  23. I'm trying to do something similar- but it's so hard for a cosmetic junkie like myself!! x

  24. Congrats on getting through project 30 day. =D

    Btw, Can you do a review on the ettusais loose powder? Thanks


  25. Wow I can never instill so much discipline in myself to finish so many products lol, you should be proud!

  26. wow u are really enthusiastic and organise to do this project! i admit i wont have that kind of patience >.< great job!!!

    xoxo elle

  27. that is impressive that you stuck to the same products for 30 days, wow! you get a kudo for that ;)

  28. WOW I love this post : D Congrats on finishing the lip-thingie! XD

    Uhm.. the palette was 57,95 DKK, the single shadow and the lipgloss were both 32,95 each and the nail polish was 27,95. So yeah.. pretty darn expensive compared to US prices : (

    WOOO! It's my birthday in a week! : D

  29. woah! that must have been hard to do for a month!!!

  30. Ooh, congrats for going through with the 30 day challenge! Sounds and looks like a toughy! I tell myself I should consider doing this sort of thing, but I don't think I'll ever survive haha!!

    The Laneige Designer Eye Cream is total LOVE for me. But sadly I think it's being discontinued *cries* Drats.. and I already took pics of the eye cream to do a review >=( I might still do it though just because I went through the trouble of taking the pics!

  31. this was actually a really inetresting project xxxxx

  32. Aww rhanks sweety! It you want to spice things up a big i always love see trought shirts with cute prints og just add accesories in colours <3

  33. a big pat on the back~ there are progress hehe i luvv such post!

    such a good gentle reminder to use up our cosme~

    you are right about finishing skincare, base & foundation, loose powder and handcream

    its a challenge to stick to one blusher, eyeshadow, lips !!

    let's not bee greeedy keke
    which is impossible so many seasons so many LE NOooOOOo

  34. I love canmake cream cheek #01! it's so peachy ^_^

  35. omgggg I am sooo impressed with your results! I seriously need to start that project 30 day thing. because I just cant help but buy everything cosmetic related lol! i should probably get to it!

    but DAMN! you finished that Day Care Essence tube up real good! cleaned it squeaky clean!!! haha

    visit my blog!

  36. Nice blog! :) <3<3<3

    PS: I followed your blog :D

  37. hey jen. this is anshita. rembr?
    I just made my own beauty blog. would love to have you as a follower thr:

  38. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing. While its alright to stick to the same foundation everyday, its more interesting to have different blusher and eye shadows everyday.


  39. So interesting! We tried project 10 pan...and couldn't stick to it :x


    Love your blog...we're following!

  40. What an interesting post! I really enjoyed reading this! :D I think I could stick to the same foundation & concealer, but I agree using the same blush or eyeshadow everyday is really hard! :D



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