Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection Info and Photos

I was kindly informed by a blogger who reminded me that Jill Stuart's Valentine Love Collection is coming up, in fact it's set to release on 24th Jan! Oh how quick...another 2 weeks to go before Chinese Lunar New Year!
(all images taken from Jill Stuart official website)

My heart fluttered as I checked out their promo pics! I felt so bad ever since I missed out last year's Bridal Collection from the brand :( because I was outside Hong Kong. But I know this year I will be able to get my hands on this collection and can custom-purchase a few sets for bloggers too! I am loving the dessert-theme here, the gloss trios look like candies in a box!
4 new and limited edition products would be released:
They are:

1) Heart Gloss Trio neatly put in a heart-shaped tin:
The cap carries heart-shaped crystal with a "J" on it:
There are 3 different colors in one tin: #101 Sweet Rendezvous (bright fuschia pink); #102 Cross My Heart (pure red); #103 Platonic Romance (nude pink).
2) The second product is 6ml nail polishes (they're smaller than regular-sized ones) and come in 5 shades: #109 Love Scandal (far left); #110 Captive of Love (second left); #111 Love Potion (the middle shade); #112 Love is Blind (second right); #113 First Love (far right). Each is sold individually.
3) Also being released is a set of two blotting papers. The one on the left is #01 Heart and Cupid; the one on right is #02 Love Key
4) 2 Emery boards for nails will be introduced:
How they look when flipped over: (not sure which from the above corresponds to the ones below :P have to find that out!)
(Source: Jill Stuart official website)

I am eyeing on the gloss trios and some of the nail polishes as I think they're absolute value for money, not to mention the heart-shaped tin looks cute on the dresser :)! The nail polishes look decent and are cheap to invest when compared to their regular-sized bottles too.

P.S. If anyone needs help purchasing these, please email me in advance as I will be able to make pre-orders. Limited Edition collections and products are sold out in a matter of 2-3 days (not to mention their Christmas Coffret last December!). More info on my custom-purchase services here.

What are you eyeing on :)?


  1. You're such a sweetheart for doing a custom purchase for other bloggers out there :) If I had the dough, I really would. JS Valentine collection is such a temptress!

  2. WOW. You're so nice to help people out : D No surprise tho.. Hehe!

    LOVE the entry! And the lipgloss trio is SOOOO CUTE *_* Jill Stuart needs a Golden Globe for best packaging!

  3. The theme looks great.. Thanks for sharing the collection.

  4. Ooh I can't believe that you haven't tried the Dollywink eyeliner yet! :) I really love it hehe

  5. Another pretty collection!! It's coming out so soon after the previous one! :P

    BUT I must not be tempted! I'm on a shopping ban atm haha xD

  6. aww these are super adorable <3 especially the lipgloss trio. my heart is melting already.

  7. Ahh! These are gorgeous!! My heart just completely melted *sigh*

  8. jill stuart is so pretty!! what a cute collection for vday!

  9. Uwah, what am I eyeing? EVERYTHING!!! *can't think coherently right now, too busy salivating over the images that you posted*

    RYC, some MBD masks leave a sticky film =[

  10. ZOMG! Is it me or do they seem to outdo themselves every time? :) Of course I have my eye on everything but I need to resist this temptation!

    (Good idea to get the stylist's personal number. I just hope the salon is ok with that!)

  11. that is such a cute valentines collection! awww I'm forwarding this to my bf HAHAHAHA

  12. Aw I'd love that : D Don't worry! I'm trying to apply for jobs as well.. Only found two so far that I applied for : ( getting a job is a bitch. *sigh* Good luck tho!

  13. this might be out of topic but, i love the model's hair right there! hahaha!

    oh Jen, what a relief i don't like lip products in pots! and the cuteness wont change that! i'd rather get more blushers! hahaha ^_~

  14. lol my heart fluttered too when I saw your post XD the heart gloss trio is to die for >_<

  15. looks adorable! i am not a huge valentine's day fan, but this is a really cute collection!

  16. Aww thank youuu <3 (btw, thanks for commenting. For a while I worried that my comment-thing didn't work. Turns out people just don't wanna write comments to me : / )

    Really? Biotherm is cheap where you're at? -__-" The cream was 500 DKK. How insane is that? I will tell you though, that the sample I got convinced me to get it. My skin got SO smooth, skintone got more even.. it was a miracle *_* not so much for the anti-ageing stuff. But for all the other miracles it provides. xD haha <3

  17. haha I didn't even realise Valentines Day is coming! I usually have much more luck resisting these mini collections.. it's always the spring/fall/holiday collections that gets my money.. Luckily I can pass on this..

    Gotta save my money for my trip to the states.. I'm off next week which is why I've been super swamped at work preparing everything =S

  18. Thank you so much! : D You're a darling <3
    seriously.. I should've seen this site first -__-" Dammit! Thanks for the link tho : D Looks like a great site! <3

  19. loving your blog... I'm following!

    Would LOVE you to enter my GIVEAWAY:


  20. Awwww... What I wouldn't do to get my hands on more Jill Stuart. Since you do custom purchases, do you take paypal? :)

  21. OMGOSH!!! I wish I can afford Jill Stuart cosmetics!! They are so nice and sophisticated looking :) I love it!!!

  22. The heart glosses are so cute!!!

  23. i'd buy these just for the packaging! so pretty.

  24. ** faints *** cute packaging overload. thanks for sharing x


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